A Family Tragedy

April 16, 2002
A week ago Monday my sister underwent surgery to clear up a brain aneurysm. The surgery went fine, but afterward she suffered a massive stroke. She has been left with her right side completely paralyzed, her speech lost, unable to... continued

Easter, 2002

March 30, 2002
It?s Good Friday, 2002, about seven in the evening. Since I was about ten and beginning to wake up to the meaning of the gospel, this day has had profound meaning for me. Today again, the passion has been much... continued

Religious Fanatics and the Ruin of the World

March 2, 2002
The historical reality of the Koran and the Bible are under the most serious question in history, and both Moslem and Christian religious zealots are threatening scholars who dare to say that historical and archaeological reality depart from 'revealed truth.'... continued

The Reason for the Secrecy Redux

February 18, 2002
In August, I published this journal entry about the reasons for UFO secrecy. As far as I know and understand, it is correct. I thought perhaps that some new documents had added some missing pieces, but on analysis I see... continued

Social Contact

January 10, 2002
I recently had a late-night experience that had an unusual enough texture to be worth reporting as possibly not a dream, at least not in the ordinary meaning of that word. I cannot say that it felt entirely physical, but... continued

Christmas Joy: Mankind is Awakening

December 14, 2001
Christmas is coming, and with it the 17th anniversary of my close encounter experience of December 26, 1985. To this day, it haunts my sleep. My wife tells me that, if she should get up during the night, I will... continued

Bin Laden’s Objective

October 28, 2001
Osama bin Laden has always had a single objective. It is not to destroy the United States, but to gain political power. His objective, in directing his spectacular assault against the U.S., was to cause ferocious American reprisals that would... continued

Conspiracy Theories: Should We Listen Now?

October 13, 2001
Since Unknowncountry.com began its coverage of 911 and I began reading my 'What I Love About America' statement on the radio, hundreds of people have voted with their feet, quitting my newsletter and abandoning the website. It has been a... continued

The Terrorism Problem–How We Can Solve It

September 27, 2001
Before September 11, we were one country. Now we are another. In the old America, we were self-assuredly embarking on what was actually a very strange and forked road. On the one hand, our new administration was promoting globalism and... continued

What Next?

September 12, 2001
September 11, 2001 was the worst day of all of our lives. In that awful sense, it brought us together in a new way. The images that haunt me--the doomed woman stretched to her limit, leaning out of a window... continued