I have been thinking for a while about whether or not I would ever write this journal entry. But I am going to write it, and I?m going to tell you things in it of a kind that I have always kept to myself in the past. For years, I?ve watched in silence as certain things have happened regarding UFOs and the close encounter experience, and these are not good things.

The reason that I’ve hesitated to write about these things is not that I think that they should remain hidden, but that this is a very subtle experience, and our entire culture tells us to see things in black and white. People who are full of anger want to indulge themselves by believing in evil aliens. People who are starved for spiritual food want to believe in good aliens. Evil vs. good. It just isn’t enough. The experience is too big for this simple-minded approach. If you think in terms of black and white, you lose you chance to make the most of this.

This is the reason that I hesitate to write about the dark side. I don’t want to contribute to this polarization. But things are changing. The dark side is getting very aggressive, and it must now be met with something like direct resistance.

The close encounters I had between 1985 and 1994 were scary, but only because they were so unusual. The people? or beings?I met were complex and, in the end, gentle. They had a wonderful, subtle sense of humor. There were many personalities involved, obviously many different individuals. My life with them was spiritually and intellectually rewarding. They responded with deep understanding to the path I was on, and worked with me as true masters work with a student on the journey toward higher consciousness.

That is not true now. What is happening now is absolutely terrifying, so much so that I have kept it to myself in hopes that I was wrong, or that it would change.

I have watched a world in denial, and I have watched the dark side of a phenomenon that is the strangest, most powerful and, I think, most complex thing mankind has ever faced gradually drawing into sharper and sharper focus.

Some of what I see, even from this dark side, I like and I welcome. I feel that there is a lot of evolutionary pressure being applied, both to individuals and to the whole species. I see us responding, as a species. People have brought me children who are miracles. Such children are present in my own life as well.

Despite all the lying of the fragile and immature egos that infest the media, the average person knows that something very real is happening, that somebody is really here, and that our official world, and our visitors, are keeping that fact secret.

I am beginning to see a pattern emerging in what is happening to people who can effectively and convincingly challenge that secrecy, and I don’t like what I see.

Some years ago, a very brave congressman, Steven Schiff (R NM) challenged the silence of the government and initiated a General Accounting Office investigation of the Roswell Incident. That investigation revealed that all the records from the Roswell Army Air Field had been destroyed for the years 1947-1952. Illegally. The secret stayed kept, but it could not have been more obvious that an extreme and long-term coverup was in place.

The secret survived, but the congressman did not. Mr. Schiff got cancer, a form of skin cancer that is not usually life threatening. But it grew and changed and could not be controlled, and it killed him. Okay, I said to myself, it?s an unfortunate coincidence. But then another young congressman, who I shall not name, had a massive and essentially unexplained heart attack in a Washington airport. He was going to be very important in the disclosure process. He survived, and was given advice by friends to stay away from the UFO topic. He has.

Now a dear friend of mine, Bill Mallow, has died after getting two different forms of leukemia at the same time, a most unusual circumstance. Oncologists I have talked to say that it happens, but it?s extremely rare. Bill was crucial to the work I do with unusual materials. If you saw the Confirmation TV special on NBC in February of 1999, you?ll remember Bill. But you?re unlikely to see another such documentary. The producer?s business partner was murdered a few months after it was aired. A coincidence? Could be. But maybe not. Certainly, despite that program’s decent ratings, nobody has even come close to doing another UFO special on national television.

Bill Mallow did some of the most important research into unusual materials that has ever been done. Despite the fact that his employer, the Southwest Research Institute, took a dim view of his work, he kept right on. He had just enough knowledge, based on his long years of experience in classified areas, to KNOW that something was to be learned from the materials I and others were giving him, that he would not stop. He was a powerful man at the institute, one of its most respected scientists. They let him do his work.

Did you know that he discovered that a magnesium-barium material that I brought him (from the Art?s Parts cache) was made of a unknown type of foamed magnesium, with a thin layer of barium sandwiched between?and there was absolutely nothing between the barium and the magnesium, nothing holding it together except empty space? No, you probably don?t know that. Bill certainly couldn?t publish. He was often forced to give me his reports verbally. But this material is definitely manufactured. But how? By whom?

And a piece of iron that was extracted from a witnesses? hand by Dr. Roger Leir was definitely iron. It was magnetic. But it was also invisible to x-rays, something that remains totally unexplained.

Bill couldn?t publish in the scientific press about it. No journal would dream of taking such an article. Not because there?s anything wrong with the work, but because the scientific community dares not do real science anymore, cutting-edge science, because avoidance of the unknown?and especially this one?has been institutionalized by organizations like the sclerotic US National Academy of Science. Depart from accepted orthodoxy and, unless you have fifty years of good science and dozens of key discoveries under your belt like Bill did, you?re out on the street.

Bill discovered a lot. Now he?s gone. But we had another scientist, as close to Dr. Roger Lier as Bill was to me, who had a big metallurgy facility and also a sterling reputation. So surely he would take up the slack.

He?s just been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, a disease with a mortality rate well over 90%. Another coincidence? Perhaps. But the fact has to be faced: three of the men who were most crucial to disclosure?who had real power and real abilities?are dead or dying.

We have nobody in congress and no real chance of getting anybody into office who might help anytime soon. And, quite frankly, there are awful whispers along the halls of the capital about this subject. People are afraid, and I think they have reason to be afraid.

It is my belief that a very dangerous presence of some kind is working hand in glove with the intelligence community to keep us from gaining any real knowledge of what?s happening. Organizations like the Air Force go along with it because they don?t want to admit that they?ve been hiding the most important thing that ever happened to mankind. I think that their Office of Special Investigations uses many agents, ranging from members of the skeptics community to seeming UFO investigators, to enforce a UFO ghetto. They absolutely hate me because my voice is heard outside of that ghetto. I?m dangerous to them, to the more knowledgeable and sinister forces in the intelligence community, and to whatever higher power is orchestrating this. And so are people like Roger Leir and Linda Howe?all the free voices who will not be quiet.

The reason that elements of government and big corporations can be induced to abet this evil scheme, I believe, is that they are offered a vision of power and control over we the people that they find irresistible. They do not adhere to the gospel, these people. They have forgotten, ?Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.? (Matthew 4: 8-10)

They have not recognized what they are dealing with, because we are in a state of amnesia about the invisible world that exists all around us. They have forgotten how Jesus responded. He said, ?Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.? The men and women who are keeping this matter secret are not servants of God. Most of them are very secular people, who tell themselves that there is no soul. Others are the exact opposite. They are religious fanatics who have justified their evil lives by twisting the Word into a mockery of its true meaning.

Unlike these officials, the first visitors I met most certainly were servants of God. For all their ugliness and strangeness, they offered me help on my own path, real help, compassionate help, help that I was eventually able to use in writing the Path.

No matter what happens to me, I?ve made this book. I?ve created a machinery of inner strength that cannot be defeated by evil, not in a good- hearted person.

If the dark things I have seen ever emerge into our world, it is going to be truly awful. It will be as if planet earth has been physically dragged from the starry sky into the depths of hell. Our lives will become a monstrous parody and an illusion. There will be no protection, nowhere to hide, and no escape.

Even if they do not emerge, there are powerful elements at work above the level of government that are drawing us inexorably down the road to spiritual–not to say physical– slavery. Over time, the use of genetic engineering by morally evil governments and corporations is going to create new kinds of human beings that will not have free souls at all–that will, in fact, be living, breathing perversions of God?s work on earth. Right now, countries like China are developing massive human genetic engineering programs. Behind these programs, as also behind the more immediate attacks on our freedom such as the grotesque efforts being made in the United States to wreck freedom in the name of homeland security, there is a conscious presence, totally committed to one thing: the destruction of the will of man.

We are coming to a time when we are going to have to hide our freedom in our hearts. Over thirty years of my life, I have been working toward the creation of a tool that will preserve and even strengthen freedom even in the most oppressive times it is possible to imagine. For better or worse, the Path is now published. It?s out.

As a result of what I have done, I think, quite frankly, that I am under attack.

For two weeks, I have been dogged by one of the most horrible and just plain odd experiences of my haunted life. Normally, I don?t think that I would even know what?s been happening to me. But I have become so sensitized to the world when I sleep that I do know.

I believe that all the people who are working toward real disclosure of actual, physical proof of the presence that is here are vulnerable. That’s because they are dangerous to this presence. On the scale of a single man, its power can be very great. But when it comes to all men, it has little real power. So it requires secrecy.

If it was strong, it would be doing its worst among us out in the open right now. No, it?s weak or it would not need the secrecy provided by government, big companies, the media and big science.

If the people who know the truth told the truth, we would, at a stroke, be free. I have written before in these columns about what they fear–that official disclosure would lead to profoundly unpredictable and unexpected consequences, even to a change in the nature of our world.

The truth is, if they had the courage to make the official admissions that would lead the average man to know for certain that there was a presence here, that presence would become unable to do its will in our world. The secrecy that they believe is protecting us, is actually dooming us to capture by inches, over generations. There is an invasion taking place all right, but so slowly and so secretly that we are not aware, as a species, that we need to mount a defense.

I said that I thought I was under attack, and I do. But please remember what I said earlier: this is a subtle, complex experience. The attack could be an attempt to teach me, to get me to use what I’ve learned from books like Practical Psychic Self Defense, for example, to start becoming an active participant in the invisible world, rather than a passive infant.

In other words, I could be describing something that only looks like a malignant attack, but could actually be an initiatory challenge.

What has been happening to me is this: every night as I go to sleep, something begins moving against my skin, creeping like some sort of very slow insect. I have seen and held this object. I have tried to crush it. But I cannot. I cannot get a sample. It seems like a living thing, but I do not believe that it is alive in the same sense that we are.

About a week ago, I woke up and found it penetrated into my chest just above my collarbone. I pulled it out and tried to crush it between my fingers, to gouge it with my fingernail. It struggled furiously in my hand. It would not break up. I turned on the light and sat up, with the intention to take it into the bathroom and capture it in a water glass. But when I relaxed my grip just a little, it disappeared before my eyes, for all the world like some kind of a magic trick.

It has tormented me night after night. I?ve examined the bedding and the bedclothes. There’s nothing there. But this thing is there, and it is doing something to me that I cannot stop. I?ve tried moving into other rooms, but it is soon there, as well. I have no doubt that it would be there wherever I went.

Is it real, or some kind of odd hallucination? Could be either, and I know from experience that this is another burning question that I must not answer until I have absolute proof one way or the other.

But I am wondering: were the others who have been destroyed visited first by such things? Perhaps they were, but were not hyper-sensitive like I am and simply didn?t notice. And perhaps their health later was destroyed. Maybe people like me and Roger Leir and Linda Howe, who remain dedicated to getting physical proof, are now in danger also. Or maybe its all a bunch of coincidences and the experiences I’m having are just my fears going into overdrive.

Nevertheless, one fact cannot be ignored: physical evidence is the one thing that would expose the visitors as being real. If they want to stay in hiding, they cannot allow such evidence to become widely known. So we could be next in line, especially if we continue our work–which we, of cours, will do.

There could come a time in every life when a choice must be made between living as the servant of a dreadful power, whether it has a human face or an alien face or no identifiable face at all, or being enslaved by it. If that happens, then the good must choose slavery and lock our freedom in our hearts. In those days, hidden freedom will be the only freedom that is true.

Six months ago, I wouldn’t have written about any of these things. There was no point. I had no exit to offer, no route toward empowerment.

I do now. It is the Path. Thirty years of travel along this path has told me that it is a source of very real empowerment. It is a fortress for free souls, in protection of their freedom, which I define as their ability to see the will of God and serve it. The fact that I was on this path was why the good visitors came to me in 1985, and why the dark side has worked so hard to hurt me, to minimize me, to make a joke out of me.

I’m on a mission for people to get on this path, and I’m not ashamed to say it. It’s unique in the world, it’s powerful and it is precious beyond price.

The Path is available from Unknowncountry.com. To learn more and order a copy, click here.

The book is important. It has to find readers and be taken into hearts or my life is a failure. I will fight for the value of what I have to give, and the Path is what I have to give.

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