We are continuing to publish this article periodically, in view of the many new visitors coming to the site. It was first published in August, 2001, then a second time in Feburary, 2002.

This journal entry is about UFO secrecy. It does not follow the usual line about the secrecy being basically caused by arrogant government types who have too low an opinion of the common man to allow him to know the truth about his own world. Instead, it discusses possible reasons why who are whatever is out there would choose to act toward us as they do.

If they are really there–and I think they are–then they obviously agree with any secrecy our leadership imposes. Indeed, they are probably the architects of it. So what’s really going on?

This is what seventeen years of exposure to this phenomenon have taught me:

From the first, the UFO question has been shrouded in secrecy. Some blame the US government for this, and that isn’t wrong. But it is also true that whatever is behind this phenomenon is also extremely secretive and careful. However, a close examination of the phenomenon reveals that there has been a slow, steady process of accumulation of experience in our culture, that has led more and more people to believe that UFOs are somehow real.

This belief, which used to mark a person as mentally suspect, is now considered perfectly acceptable and ordinary. At the same time, UFO encounters are becoming more intimate and more complex.

In recent weeks, there have been a series of changes in the way the phenomenon addresses itself to us that has made it clear to me that the process of encounter is changing yet again. To support this process, I would like to offer some ideas about why all the secrecy exists. The more clearly the reasons for it are understood, the less necessary it will become.

The UFO phenomenon emerged in our world during and immediately after World War II. It unfolded most aggressively in the late forties and early fifties, in areas of the United States that were devoted to weapons development and, most particularly, to atomic weapons and radar.

The UFO event at Roswell happened within a few miles both of the only operational and armed atomic bomber wing in the world, and the test area for high intensity radars.

This fact led the United States, at first, to fear that it was dealing with a secret Soviet weapon or spy plane. But this misapprehension did not last long. According to statements made to me by General Arthur Exon, who told me that he had been directly involved in the UFO issue for the Air Force for many years, “everyone from the White House on down knew within hours of our finding it that this was an alien spacecraft.”

At that point, the need for secrecy became even greater, because of the potential that the Soviets, upon discovering that we were in possession of advanced alien technology, would act unilaterally in Europe, on the theory that if they waited, we would gain such a technological advantage that they would be unable to act in the future.

So, in the all-important initiating phases of contact, the US chose the route of secrecy. There is a tendency to view something of which you know little as being no more complex than your knowledge of it, and the US fell into the trap of responding to the UFO phenomenon in this way.

They imagined that they were in control of the situation. It never occured to them that the visitors, also, must agree with the policy of secrecy or they would have simply ignored it.

What had actually happened was very different from what appeared. The phenomenon emerged amid our most secret weapons not because it had any interest in those weapons but because it knew that its ability to communicate with us was limited by the physics of perception.

I use the word “it” equivocally, because we are not dealing with a single entity or type of entity, and certainly not with some simplistic notion of “alien species.” What we are dealing with is ancient, immensely complex and subtle, and fully invested across all of space-time. This means that its awareness extends into every inch of space and every second of time.

The only thing it does not possess full knowledge of is us and others like us, carefully isolated from one another in the vastness of the physical universe. This is because we are free to innovate on our own. We do NOT have full knowledge of space-time. We must guess. We can experiment. We can make errors. In short, we are living inside the time stream, and thus are constantly seeing the world as an emerging present, rather than as a static design.

Our state is incredibly appealing to this presence, because it is quite desperate. See if you can imagine this: you are all alone. Entirely and utterly alone. You hang in a limitless void. You have no companions, no remembered past, no future. You know everything about yourself. And no matter where you go, you are always in the same place–the void that surrounds you.

And then you find–or perhaps you create–a being that is every bit as intelligent as you are–in fact, that has the capacity, if it chooses to create biodigital intelligence of its own, to become MORE intelligent than you are. You make certain, by manipulating the way the brain of this creature develops, that it will be missing organs that enable it to see outside of space-time.

You make certain, in other words, that the fish cannot leave the water, by its very design. So you can enter this creature, and taste in partnership with it the most delicious of all flavors: surprise. You can watch it innovate. You can watch it create with abandon the one thing that you yourself, by the very definition of your being, cannot create: the truly new.

The creature is designed according to a plan. It is designed to make its way out of space time, or to go extinct. Mostly, species like this go exitinct. The universe is a graveyard of their ruined worlds.

Not always, though. Sometimes, they are born into a new state of being. The closer we get to this, the more we will see of our real situation. The purpose of the secrecy is twofold: to prevent us from seeing more than we can make use of too soon; and to make certain that we make an entirely free choice between extinction and new life.

Life as we know it now is not going to continue for long. There are plenty of people alive today who will witness the transition. Will it be into destruction or new life? That is the issue we face now, the central issue of this species.

It is why abductees universally come away with warnings about impending environmental disaster. This is because the environment IS collapsing, and we are indeed threatened as a species.

It must be understood that there are three elements now involved in the process of contact. The first is this entity that I have described earlier, the consiousness in the void, the child in the forest. The second is our own dead and those of us whose consciousness has already extended beyond the time stream. (Many of these are still children.) The third is alien species who have succeeded in leaving the time stream and have become allies of the primal consciousness. (Not all of these are “good.” Some act on behalf of our success, others against it. This is to ensure that we will only succeed if we are strong enough to do so.)

There are two reasons why our visitors cannot save us now. The first is that we are very limited in our ability even to see them, and thus they cannot, as things are now constituted, express themselves into our minds and our world fully enough to communicate with us in a reliable and consistent manner. Those who are trying to prevent this communication know this, and are engaging in a subtle and brilliant holding action on behalf of the status quo. They believe that they are fighting for our ‘way of life’ and our freedom. What they are actually fighting for is the death of mankind. The most knowledgable of them understand that somebody is required to do this, to strengthen us. The governments deepest secret–known only to the few people at the very top of the system–is that it is spreading its disinformation to give the common, ordinary people the resistance they need to well and truly make the process of contact their own.

The denial, debunking and lies are an ugly, unpleasant process. But they are absolutely necessary. There is nobody who wishes more that the media, for example, would face the fact that the coverup is real and challenge it than those who impose it. This is, incidentally, why the last explanation of the Roswell Incident (that witness memories involved confusion about crash-test dummies dropped in 1952) was intentionally absurd. They were going as far as they could to reveal to the media that they are lying. Unfortunately, key elements of the press endorsed this fairy tale instead of challenging it. One who did not was Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, and for a period it was hoped that this would lead to a serious challenge of the coverup. So far, it has not.

The culture of the media remains extremely dangerous to anybody who breaks ranks, and will remain so until this species, at deep levels, recognizes that it has no alternative: we must either face reality or face extinction.

The second reason is that, as long as we do not act on our own behalf, they cannot rescue us, because it means that we are not yet prepared to be drawn out of the time-stream. If it is done too early, we will lose our independence by the very nature of the process, and become the same kind of liability that a primitive society becomes when it is exposed to one that is more technolgically robust: we will become supplicants instead of independent, free beings.

But why would we be limited in our ability to see and communicate with them? The explanation lies in an obscure byway of physics known as Fisher Information. It has to do with the fact that there are basic forms underlying reality– the information that is the foundation of the world. The mind is constantly assembling this information. Because of the way the mind assembles it, the world appears as it does.

Back in the late forties, a number of very intelligent men, among them Dr. John von Neumann, the father of cybernetics, were exposed to the question, ‘what if aliens were present?’ Dr. von Neumann, in particular, reacted with some very innovative thinking. He first conceived of a way that they might get here. This device became known as the Von Neumann Machine.

He postulated that one way for a species to traverse the universe would be to build machines that perfectly replicated it in every detail of its being, and then to send these machines off in random directions, programmed to stop and replicate the species whenever an appropriately congenial planet was located.

In this way, a species that could achieve travel at an appreciable percentage of the speed of light, could populate an entire galaxy in a fairly reasonable time. Von Neumann thought that it might be five million years.

Von Neumann also worked on what is known as the Quantum Perception Problem. The problem is that particles do not enter a measurable state until they are perceived. The process of measurement, in a sense, assembles them into the appearance they present to the observer.

This means that perception is fundamental to the nature of what is seen. The mind assembles the information upon which rests the structure of reality. To an extent, the way the universe actually works depends upon the way it is perceived. For example, we have recently achieved wave- fronts that transmit information at many times the speed of light, something that was until very recently thought to be impossible to create as a physical effect. We will soon go even beyond this, and discover that we can transmit information so quickly that it arrives at its destination before it leaves its point of origin.

The human mind, will, in other words find the key to establishing perception outside of the space-time continunum. It is when this happens–and remember, that it is in the nature of such an event to culminate before it begins–that we will begin to experience full contact with “it.”

Indeed, the process began when the first UFO was seen. It has proceeded until now, when people are not only observing crop circles, but actually watching the process of creation itself, perceiving the “balls of light” that do the work. As time passes, these effects will become more and more focused, and the strange, seemingly perceptive but quite anonymous apparitions will explode with the meaning and energy of the consciousness that they represent. At that point, we will begin to be in full and intimate contact.

As this transpires, an even larger structure will begin to emerge. This is because we are going to become desperate in our little earth even as our mind reaches into this stunning new cosmos of being. We will be reaching beyond the stars as the earth dwindles away beneath our feet.

At that point, we are going to come to an appalling realization: the whole process was planned from the beginning to unfold along extremely precise temporal lines. We will begin to see it with the same painful awareness that afflicts all of those whose consciousness has transcended space-time. We will see that the sense of surprise and discovery that we enjoyed were only the illusions of innocent children. We will come into contact with the larger issues of being, such as finding the personality and aim of the species, and discovering the whole living body of mankind in such a way that each fragment may live meaningfully as a conscious part of a conscious whole.

By ‘conscious,’ I do not mean the state of awareness that human beings presently experience. This is not consciousness. It is only perception. Consciousness is a much larger state. It is fully potentiated outside of space-time. Such minds see everything, from the beginning to the end of time, all at once. This awful seeing is what all of those who seek to deny the inexorable emergence of consciousness fear.

It is why, for example, that denial is so strident, and why being face to face with conscious entities is so very frightening. To face such an awareness, whether it is in oneself or in another, feels to the mind as if it is in danger of annihilation. This is because the world is assembled by such a mind in a vastly more accurate and therefore more potent manner than a mind diminished by immersion in space-time can ever achieve.

It is why it is so difficult for us to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ entities. The presence that we face is always pressing us in the direction of entropy. It must, because unless we are strong enough to resist this pressure, any joining of us to its own state is just an illusion.

It will never give us anything. For us to preserve our own meaning and species individuality as we emerge from space- time, we must be able to take. This, incidentally, was why I knew instantly when I spoke with the late Col. Philip Corso that he had some very real knowledge. I have no idea if the details of his story are true or not. I don’t much care. Because one thing that IS true, is that he knew the fundamental message of the entity that seeks our companionship. When a “being” was asked what they had on offer for mankind, the reply was “a new world, if you can take it.”

This is the key. We must take it. Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and was condemned by them to be bound forever where he would be endlessly devoured by eagles, must be made free within the human soul. For we must go abroad again, to steal the fire again, but this time it is not the mere flame in the computer or the atom bomb, but the fine fire that fuels true knowledge and real consciousness.

So the secrecy has two origins: us and the entity we face. We kept the secret because the entity presented itself to us in a way that induced this reaction in the authorities to whom it initially emerged. It did this because we could not, at that time, enact an assembly of information that accurately included the entity and its knowledge. This was because the human mind was fully invested in space-time and could not see enough of reality to enact an assembly sufficiently rich to included the entity.

To become true members of the cosmos, we must leave space-time. And we are about to. These little “balls of light” that are coming round now are appearing in the end of times because it is time for the dead to guide the living into a new world.

Our species does not end with the physical. During life, the body builds up a complex mass of electrons, each resonating in a manner subtly different from the others. Because of the law of conservation of energy, they will never stop, once started. In this sense, the soul is eternal. But there are many billions more electrons–each a richly endowed data point– than there are cells in a brain. Therefore, when they are freed from the bondage of the cellular prison, the being experiences a stunning explosion of understanding. The point of death is an explosive birth into new awareness, an “aha” moment of the most exquisite sort.

There follows, however, the discovery that the way one’s life was lived has affected the intensity of one’s eternal being. When people return to life, they come in search of missed harmonies. The little “balls of light” that the living are seeing now have always been there. But we have not been able to perceive them, because they were not available in the information that we could process.

However, the inner mind of the physical species, guided by the knowledge of the part of it that has transcended space- time–what we call the dead–is well aware of the change that is now upon us. Many billions of people now alive will soon join the dead. They will lift up the living who remain, and the species will become fully conscious, while still richly embedded in the physical, with all of its potential for ecstasy and trial.

This is the aim of our species. Indeed, it has been the aim of life on earth from the beginning. It is why all of these midwives have come to assist the birth of man. For man has not yet been born, not to full consciousness.

The earth is suffering now the pangs of birth-giving. She will not die during the process. In fact, earth will look back on a time when man is only a memory–a few enigmatic ruins, some persistent poisons, no more.

But we will still be born. Our shadow has not yet been cast upon the assembly of being. But it will be, for mankind will successfully integrate into a single entity, and join the cosmos.

It is then that the greatest mystery and ecstasy of all will be enjoyed. Just as we are in the process of discovering wave fronts that can arrive at their destinations before they leave their points of origin, we are about to find, in the mysteries of the UFO and the crop circle and the wandering alien, a truth so resonant and so profound that it will be worthy of contemplation in eternity. It is that we, ourselves, are our own visitors.

The ancient being whose secret we have kept for so long, who is about to guide us into full consciousness and companionship with very God, is us.

This is not because there are no aliens. There are certainly aliens. But far fewer than we have imagined. Indeed, intelligent species are extremely rare, and those with the spark of potential we possess are even more so.

All conscious species are each other. At the level of conciousness that is important, in the sense that it is resonant in eternity, being and species are the same thing. Every being is the entire species, and every species is the entirety of being. This is the true meaning of the statement, “I am the first and the last.” It is why the visitors once said to me in a time of great distress, “why do you call on your gods? It’s only us.” At the time, it seemed a cruel, even devastating thing to say, a demonic lie. But I see it now for what it really was: an invitation for us to take our place in God–to surrender ourselves to consciousness.

Surrender is the center of the whole process of becoming conscious. Only God can act. But it’s hard, because surrender of oneself to life outside of space-time means that we must see our own souls as they really are. I can tell you–and I warn you–that the anguish involved is extremely intense.

Forgiveness of sin does not change the fact that the soul is less than it could have been. It only means that one gains the grace and courage to enter one’s lesser being into the ecstasy of the whole. Better far to strive on behalf of the good than to sin and seek forgiveness.

We are coming into an arduous time in the life of our species. Birth is hard. Every moment presents a new choice–to die, or to continue toward the light. And every birth is also a death, for to be born is to be forever severed from the womb. How does it feel to be born? Go into the east of Eden, and you will see. Genesis did not happen in some immeasurably ancient time. Genesis is forever. Genesis is now.

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