Why Don’t Christians Believe in an Afterlife?

March 22, 2005
I have always been puzzled by Christians who oppose the idea of disabled and severely ill people ending their lives. I feel this way about Terri Schiavo, the brain dead Florida woman whose parents oppose the removal of her feeding... continued


March 10, 2005
A lot of people have asked me how I'm doing, since I had a brain hemorrhage on October 16 and almost died. I've felt the wind of mortality blow past me, and once that happens, you're never quite the same... continued

ETs are Here

January 19, 2005
When Whitley wrote "Communion, he put our address in the back of the book and asked readers to send in their own ET experiences. Shortly after it was published, letter carriers began dragging huge, bulging gray bags of mail up... continued

I’ve Been Invisible Too

January 13, 2005
Whenever I mention the title of my book An Invisible Woman to any woman over 40, she instantly says, "Oh, I know how THAT feels!" It happened to me. One day I woke up and I was invisible. Men bumped... continued

They Knew but Were Helpless

January 1, 2005
When I was a kid, I saw a film called "When Worlds Collide." In it, an astronomer discovers that another planet is on a collision course with Earth, meaning we only have a few months left before the Earth is... continued

Do Animals Have Souls?

December 20, 2004
We got lots of wonderful comments about our appearance on Art Bell?s Coast to Coast AM Saturday night, and I?d like to share some of them with you. One listener writes: ?I witnessed a television interview between Diane Sawyer and... continued

The Love that Led Me Home

December 6, 2004
I would like to tell you a story that seems to me to have helped almost everybody I have told it to, and has certainly helped me. I have gone on a long and dangerous journey into an unknown world.... continued

Idealism or Ideology?

October 8, 2004
We expect all politicians and leaders to have ideals and surprisingly, despite the various dirty tricks some of them gotten up to, most of them do. I define ideals as moral goals?to get better education for kids, more housing for... continued

Upon Seeing Fahrenheit 911

July 5, 2004
I recently saw Michael Moore's incendiary documentary film "Fahrenheit 911." There are plenty of comments on the film in the media already, so why should I add mine?-- because I disagree with many of the film's ideas, yet feel it... continued

What’s it Like?

June 4, 2004
In the Coming Global Superstorm, Whitley tells the hard-hitting facts about global warming that were shown in the film, "The Day After Tomorrow," which was based on that book. We have readers who also want to know: What was it like to... continued