Whitley and I are moving, and while packing and sorting through years of acquired items is sheer hell, it’s something everyone should do more often.

First, you find so many wonderful memories, such as letters from a son away at camp for the first time (complete with childish illustrations), tucked in the back of a desk drawer, and love letters from a new husband (the same one who’s the old husband now). But the main thing you find is papers and books that you have no idea why you kept–so you throw them away! It’s like throwing away the extraneous, annoying parts of your life and keeping only the precious ones.

The most precious thing I found was a diary I kept for about 6 months during the Communion years in 1986-87. I’ve never been a diary-keeper and I’ve never kept a diary before or since, but some sort of karma told me to write down what I was experiencing in those days, at the same time Whitley was grappling with writing the book Communion. At first, neither Whitley nor I had the time to sit down and read this diary, so it sat in the middle of my desk, an incredible treasure, tempting us with its secrets.

I think everyone should move at least once a year, even if you stay in the same place. PRETEND you’re moving and clear all the detritus out of your life and start fresh, with only the things you treasure the most. Be sure to "move" to someplace smaller, so you have to downsize. I have read this diary aloud, just for subscribers. Subscribers are our favorite people, because you’re the reason this website is here. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed the memories it brought back.

Moving is hell. But it’s also wonderful.

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