February 18, 2006
I got a message from God because I successfully ordered something over the internet. If you don't think that's too crazy (or even if you do), keep reading. While I think of myself as a reader of serious media, there... continued

A Visit to Art

January 15, 2006
We visited our bereaved friend Art Bell this weekend. Ramona, his beloved wife of ten years, died suddenly on January 5th, and now he's very much alone. As has been happening so often lately, I got a message about Art... continued

I Met an Angel in Kinkos

January 6, 2006
This event occurred just after we heard the tragic news about the sudden death of Art Bell's wife Ramona on January 5th. Besides being devastated for Art, whom he has always considered to be his "twin" brother, Whitley was shaken... continued

Christmas Memories

December 24, 2005
Every Christmas season, like most people, I take photographs of the Christmas tree and of everyone opening their presents. But I like to take a mental photograph as well, of the one event that defines the season for me. Last... continued

Anne’s Diary: God as a Mathematical Formula

December 7, 2005
This coming weekend, in a subscriber interview with Gary Schwartz, the author of The Afterlife Experiments and the upcoming book The G.O.D. Experiments, I discuss my near death vision of God as a mathematical formula. While I have never written... continued

Anne’s Diary: You Must Live Out of Love

November 3, 2005
On the anniversary of my burst aneurysm in October of 2004, many people have asked me what I've learned. I've written about this extensively in many of my earlier diaries, but I thought I'd sum it up here. You might... continued

My Adventures With the Green Man

October 20, 2005
It's been just a little over a year since October 16, 2004, when an aneurysm suddenly burst inside my head and I was rushed to the hospital. Whitley and my son Andrew, who were constantly by my side, were told... continued


September 28, 2005
The science service Newswise reports that scientists across the nation are enraged at Bush's recent statement that the mainstream scientific theory of evolution should be presented side-by-side with the competing doctrine of intelligent design. In the September 17-23 issue of... continued

Dear Curmudgeon

September 8, 2005
While scheduling James Kunstler's Dreamland interview, he and Anne began an email correspondence. Excerpts are below: Kunstler: Of course I am familiar with Whitley's books about alien encounters. It is a rather disturbing set of experiences. I hope he is... continued

An Amazing Experience

August 20, 2005
We just had a classic LA experience: We went to a screening on the Warner Brothers studio lot. This is the kind of experience that makes you feel like a movie biz "insider"? especially if you're not. But here's the... continued