Living With the Unknown

August 14, 2006
As someone who has recently faced death, I've learned that fear is triggered by the unknown. I've been thinking lately about fear and about what it really is, and why we feel it. So often what we fear turns out... continued

The Friendship Arrow

August 2, 2006
I have recently made some new friends and I have been analyzing the process of that strange thing called "friendship." When I was a child, like most people, I had close friends whom I never see anymore. In fact, I... continued


July 17, 2006
I recently wrote a diary about the ghosts and time travelers who seem to be haunting my apartment building. We recently had the delightful experience of seeing a show at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles performed by magician Brandon... continued

A Single Sentence That Sums Up a Life–MORE UPDATES

July 14, 2006
Last night I watched a TV interview with UK author Jeanette Winterson, who grew up impoverished, but went on to attend a prestigious university and become a famous novelist. She talked about the time she left home for the first... continued


July 6, 2006
Whitley and I are living part time in California while we help produce the motion picture of his book The Grays. We're renting an apartment in a nice old building owned by a nice old couple who bought it half... continued

A Way of Seeing

July 5, 2006
This all started because of two photographs that were recently taken of Whitley. The one he likes is a friendly pose, taken by a movie director whom we met at a desert resort in California. He has no special interest... continued

A Little Red String

June 30, 2006
Lots of people have knowledge and information, but so few have wisdom. Some people have very little knowledge or information but for some reason seem to have wisdom anyway. The classic example of the first type is the academic who... continued

My Indian Name

June 18, 2006
In a recent news story, one of our staffers added this provocative line: "[Anne Strieber] has been given an 'Indian name.' Maybe one day she'll tell it to you." Ever since we posted this story, we've been besieged with mail... continued

Dryer Sheets

June 13, 2006
Ever since my aneurysm burst suddenly a little less than two years ago, I've been in touch with higher forces. Or maybe I should put it this way: They've ALWAYS been in touch with me, but I've now just started... continued

Upon Not (Yet) Seeing The DaVinci Code

June 9, 2006
This is the second time I have posted a Diary entry about a movie. As of this writing, I have not yet seen The DaVinci Code film, although I plan to, especially because the studio (Sony) is the same studio... continued