A Very Silly War

October 5, 2006
No, I'm not referring to the War in Iraq, although frankly that invasion seems pretty silly at this point. I'm referring to the War on Drugs, yet another US war that cannot be won. In the October 2006 issue of... continued

What’s It Like? (Part II)

September 17, 2006
Two years ago, I wrote a diary about what it's like to go to the premiere of the movie based on a book you wrote--an experience that was as amazing and unreal to me as it would be for you.... continued

For Kari

September 9, 2006
Meeting so many of Whitley's fans at the book signings for The Grays in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles was a thrill. Many of you wore green and I know you did it in support of me and I thank... continued

A Conundrum

September 1, 2006
Lately I've been thinking about the conundrum that is revealed by the carnage we see nightly on the TV screen, how two rival factions of the same religion can be fighting each other--factions with a division that the rest of... continued

Seeing God Through the Visitors

August 28, 2006
One of my all-time heroes is Episcopalian bishop John Shelby Spong. I get his newsletter every Wednesday and was amazed to see that, in his recent one, the position he takes about the existence of God parallels the stance that... continued

The Grays A Love Story

August 17, 2006
Whitley has written about how he feels about his new novel The Grays. People Magazine calls it "a great read." It is based not only on Whitley?s own experiences, but also on the experiences of so many other witnesses whose... continued

Living With the Unknown

August 14, 2006
As someone who has recently faced death, I've learned that fear is triggered by the unknown. I've been thinking lately about fear and about what it really is, and why we feel it. So often what we fear turns out... continued

The Friendship Arrow

August 2, 2006
I have recently made some new friends and I have been analyzing the process of that strange thing called "friendship." When I was a child, like most people, I had close friends whom I never see anymore. In fact, I... continued


July 17, 2006
I recently wrote a diary about the ghosts and time travelers who seem to be haunting my apartment building. We recently had the delightful experience of seeing a show at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles performed by magician Brandon... continued

A Single Sentence That Sums Up a Life–MORE UPDATES

July 14, 2006
Last night I watched a TV interview with UK author Jeanette Winterson, who grew up impoverished, but went on to attend a prestigious university and become a famous novelist. She talked about the time she left home for the first... continued