Anne Strieber discusses the true power of the Apotheosis of George Washington in the dome of the US Capitol, and how it can be used to chase the moneychangers out of Washington and return government to the people.

Our country does not work anymore because congress, on both sides of the aisle, answers first to lobbyists and second–if at all–to the voters. And the White House is paralyzed by the need to compromise with special interests.

These special interests ARE the moneychangers, and the Capitol is OUR temple! The only way it can be taken back is for the people to engage its spiritual power, and take it home with them into the voting booth!
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New audio from Whitley! – Whitley Strieber has just posted an astonishing audio description of new experiences he has been having. It is called “Night Thoughts” and a substantial portion of it is available at position 5 in the “Dreamland” section of our free Windows Media Player. To listenclick here.It is continued in the subscriber section. For over half an hour he describes the way his mind is changing as it leaves the barriers of time and space behind. He talks about the true complexity of the Grays and the promise of our relationship with them, and what is actually on offer. It is one of the most amazing statements made by him or anybody more

From town hall meetings to movies, playing loose with the truth is a major topic these days. We need a new lie detector test, and we HAVE one: Instead of asking suspected criminals to confess orally, police should ask them to WRITE IT OUT, since new research has figured out how truth and lies show up in our handwriting.
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Iran’s military has shot down a UFO flying over the Persian Gulf. It’s clear that the US is not the only world power trying to shoot them down (Note: Subscriberscan still listen to this incredible show. This week’s Dreamland is on a less militaristic subject!)

Three bright objects were seen (as is usual with UFOs), but we don’t know if they were in the typical triangular pattern. Press TV quotes Iranian brigadier Ali Razmjou as saying, “Glowing objects were sighted over the Persian Gulf. IRGC air defense targeted one of the objects successfully, forcing it to plummet and sink in the seas off Boushehr (Province).”

The remains of sunken ships, which were originally spotted on radar, have not been located yet.
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