New audio from Whitley! – Whitley Strieber has just posted an astonishing audio description of new experiences he has been having. It is called “Night Thoughts” and a substantial portion of it is available at position 5 in the “Dreamland” section of our free Windows Media Player. To listenclick here.It is continued in the subscriber section. For over half an hour he describes the way his mind is changing as it leaves the barriers of time and space behind. He talks about the true complexity of the Grays and the promise of our relationship with them, and what is actually on offer. It is one of the most amazing statements made by him or anybody else. To be witness to the way this man’s life is unfolding, and to know that this means that our lives have the same potential, is deeply joyous. These are night thoughts about a human future that is almost beyond conception, it is so incredible.

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