Serious science reporters like Linda Moulton Howe have witnessed small orbs of light creating crop circles, yet the British government, where most of these appear, insists they are all manmade, and the US media goes along with this. Now we’ve discovered a possible REASON for this reticence.
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TONIGHT! – Come watch the best film about crop circles that we’ve ever seen! Whitley will be there in person to introduce it. It will be shown on Sunday, September 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the Downtown Independent Theater on 251 S. Main Street in Los Angeles, California, and there will be a Q & A with the filmmaker afterwards. Admission is $15.

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Is William Henry the real Robert Langdon? Both Dan Brown’s new book, “The Lost Symbol” and William Henry’s “Freedom’s Gate” feature the idea that the US Capitol has a hidden function as a stargate. So, where did the idea come from, and is Dan Brown’s book a subtle effort to fictionalize a crucial power that the wealthy few who control the US do not want the rest of us to understand?

Find out in this provocative interview, as famed “Sinister Forces” author Peter Levenda interviews William Henry about just why the US Capitol building may be much more than it seems, and why there may indeed be some sinister forces out there attempting to conceal this information from the public.
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An extraordinary treat from Whitley Strieber: Night Thoughts. Over half an hour he describes the way his mind is changing as it leaves the barriers of time and space behind. He talks about the true complexity of the grays and the promise of our relationship with them, and what is actually on offer. It is one of the most amazing statements made by him or anybody else. To be witness to the way this man’s life is unfolding, and to know that this means that our lives have the same potential, is deeply joyous. These are night thoughts about a human future that is almost beyond conception, it is so more