Dan Brown’s new novel has received generally poor reviews, but concealed within it is a powerful and important message about regaining our lost country from the greed-ridden political machine that has stolen it from us.

Just how to do this is explained in William Henry and Dr. Mark Gray’s Freedom’s Gate, and here William and Mark speak together with passion and wisdom about the relationship, for example, between the dome of the US Capitol, the human head and the human mind.

William and Mark touch on some of the material William will be exploring in depth during the Dreamland Stargate, about “setting the pineal gland to ringing,” and the actual, practical process of becoming your own stargate.
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Did it have something to do with 2012? – Ancient Mayan palaces have been discovered with their contents mysteriously intact, suggesting that the occupants simply walked away one day, leaving their possessions behind. They knew a lot, but they didn’t know how to save themselves. Scientists now think that this ancient civilization was brought down by drought, but would this have triggered such a sudden exodus?
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Popular Dreamland host Peter Levenda will be on The Nostradamus Effect, a new History Channel show which will premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 9 pm Pacific. It’s a show about how the prophecies of Nostradamus influenced Hitler: Don’t miss it!

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You just have to FIND it – Many of us learn a foreign language in school, but we forget it later because we never get to hear it or practice it. But it HASN’T vanished from our brain, it’s still in there, waiting to be accessed. How can we find it again?

Psychologists recruited volunteers who were native English speakers but who had learned either Hindi or Zulu as children living abroad. They focused on those two language because they contain certain sounds that are difficult for native English speakers to recognize and speak. The scientists asked the volunteers to complete a background vocabulary test to see if they remembered any words from the neglected language.
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