The FDA, after receiving reports of self-injury, suicide and delirium, told the manufacturer of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu to add a warning label to the medicine. This is one of the drugs recommended to help treat, and perhaps even prevent, Swine Flu. Children who took the drug in Japan 3 years ago exhibited these symptoms, which showed up within a day of their taking the drug. These reports came from Japan because the drug is prescribed far more frequently there.Art credit:

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Swine Flu, that is – The first person to die of Swine Flu in Oaxaca, Mexico, where the disease originated, was a 39-year-old female census taker who spread the disease throughout the city by making door-to-door visits to at least 300 people while she was highly contagious. She is believed to have directly infected almost everyone she came into contact with, who then went on to spread the disease to other people.
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The recently emerged strain of swine flu has been analyzedgenetically, and scientists have concluded that it is likelyto be milder than the 1918 Spanish Flu, and milder than mostnormal winter flu. Whether or not it will mutate into a moredangerous disease in the future is not known, but given thespeed of the worldwide response and the relative mildness ofthe disease, it may die out before a second wave emerges.

Mexico has revised downward the number of deaths directlyattributable to the disease, from 20 to 7. Richard Webby, aleading expert on the flu virus at St. Jude’s Hospital inMemphis said that the virus does not have the capacity tokill like the 1918 virus.
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Famed rocker Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac talks with William about his interest and involvement in the UFO phenomenon, the paranormal and his experiences as the Monroe Institute. A GREAT chance to learn about the hidden life and secret experiences of one of the great musicians of our time!

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