Believe it or not, it has to do with a TV quiz show – An I.B.M. computer named Deep Blue beat world chess champ Garry Kasparov in 1997. Now I.B.M. has developed a computer named Watson that can beat a human in the TV quiz show “Jeopardy.”

I.B.M. is in the final stages of completing a computer program to compete against human “Jeopardy!” contestants. If the program beats the humans, artificial intelligence will have made a great leap forward.
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a vaccination for Swine Flu! – Researchers are working feverishly to develop a vaccine to protect us from Swine Flu, but they may develop an all-purpose flu vaccine that protects against many different strains of flu first. Scared of needles? You may be able to be vaccinated with a patch!

Currently drug companies manufacture a different flu vaccine each year to match the strains of influenza that researchers predict will circulate. Adding a universal influenza vaccine to a seasonal vaccine would help improve protection against strains of influenza as they change each year.
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The Nye Incidents, written by Craig Spector from an idea by Whitley Strieber, is going to be filmed by Dark Castle, a division of Warner Brothers.The film will be directed by Todd Lincoln.The Nye Incidents is a fictional exploration of rumors that Whitley Strieber heard of possible human abductions. He says, “I was never able to prove that these happened, but they troubled me enough to where I felt the need to explore the matter in fiction.” In the Nye Incidents, a coroner finds herself confronting a series of horrifying murders that come to look more and more like cattle mutilations. As she investigates, she comes face to face with a burning question: serial killer or something much more bizarre?
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Popular host William Henry has a NEW interview up in his Revelations show. This time, he interviews musician Bob Welch, of Fleetwood Mac, about his interest in UFOs! Listen to it now!

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