…or DOES he? – Does the local weatherman in your area always seem to get it wrong? Maybe it’s YOUR fault: new research indicates that only about half the population knows what a forecast means when it predicts a 20% chance of rain. The confusion comes because people don’t understand what the 20% chance of rain actually refers to. Many people think it means that it will rain over 20% of the area covered by the forecast or for 20% of the time period covered by the forecast.
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You know it’s dangerous to drive while talking on your cell phone (in many places this is now illegal). Now scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) are keeping you safe by testing a system in the Detroit area that will help you drive in bad weather by passing along information from other drivers about black ice, fog, and other hazardous weather conditions ahead.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: you shouldn’t drive if you have a bad cold or the flu. BBC News reports that having a head cold turns out to be as bad for your driving as having a couple of drinks?even though you still pass the breathalyzer test.
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Recently the Unknowncountry.com “Out There” section posted an extraordinary video from Italy. To watch, click here.

These are the opinions of our experts.

Steve Neill is a video artist and CGI expert who has worked in Hollywood for years and is intimately familiar with all existing CGI software. After watching the video, he had the following comments:

“Volumetric environment wasnt matched at all. The UFO wasnt matched to the BKG density or haze. Its resolution was to sharp compared to the footage he shot. It was like it was sitting on top of the BKG rather than being part of it. Plus the animation was too precise.”

From documentarian Dan Drasin:
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Cygnus X-3 is one of the most mysterious stars ever discovered, and Andrew Collins believes that the Cygnus constellation, and in particular this star, was known by the ancients and revered by them. But why? Andrew has been with the Dreamland Team to discuss this before, but now he has riveting new information.

Andrew’s website is AndrewCollins.com.

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