Can scientists discover a way to read our minds? Some of them are on the way to doing just that. If they can then figure out ways to project thoughts INTO our brains, mind control is not far off.

Neurons in the part of the brain called the hippocampus activate when we move around to tell us where we are. When researchers tested volunteers by placing them in virtual environments (via a computer), while looking at their brains with an fMRI machine, they were able to figure out their “location.”
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Vatican insiders have suggested that Mother Teresa ofCalcutta was actually a man. Guiseppe Calzone was born inNaples on August 26, 1910. “It was a mixup,” the Vaticanexplained. “She did not realize that she was male.” Born ofan extremely devout Catholic family, nobody, including her,ever observed her genitals, and when as a teenager sheannounced that she wished to become a nun, it was justnaturally assumed that she must be female.

A Calcutta coffinmaker observed, to his astonishment, thatthe corpse that was brought to his shop for preparation byMother Teresa

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Das Kapital has set the toes of Marxist intellectualsa-tapping for over a century, and now Chinese composer HeNian is going to turn Marx’s book of anti-capitalisteconomics into a musical intended to “bring [Marx’s]economic theories to life in a trendy, interesting andeducational play, which will be fun to watch.” Songs such as”Commodity Fetishism” and “The Class Antagonisms ofCapitalist Society” will be tap-danced by a cast ofhundreds. Marxist theory will be communicated delightfullyby the musical, so that it can be enjoyed by the hugeaudiences of proletarians expected to flock to theatersworldwide for a unforgettable evening of song and theory.

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