Swine Flu, that is – The first person to die of Swine Flu in Oaxaca, Mexico, where the disease originated, was a 39-year-old female census taker who spread the disease throughout the city by making door-to-door visits to at least 300 people while she was highly contagious. She is believed to have directly infected almost everyone she came into contact with, who then went on to spread the disease to other people.

This woman might be called the Mexican version of “Typhoid Mary,” who was an Irish woman in who lived in the second half of the nineteenth century. She was a chef who spread typhoid fever to over 50 people. She was finally identified as the source of the disease and despite denying it, was quarantined and died in 1938. The NEW Typhoid Mary, Maria Adela Gutierrez, was admitted to a local hospital on April 8 and died five days later, 3 weeks before the new virus was officially identified.

Hispanic researcher Scott Corrales states in his blog, normally devoted to UFO research in Spain, South America and the Caribbean, that Mexican researcher Marco Reynoso, who is tracking flu developments in that country, is saying that the actual situation is not being reported. He describes Mexico City as being nearly desolate, and that officials are believed to be denying that some cases, for example in Sinaloa on the Gulf of Cortez, are actually swine flu. In Michoacan, three cases have been confirmed, but people are dying of similar symptoms and one person was incinerated just a few hours after death. This flu is probably not a bioweapon. The first cases were reported from a town near a gigantic pig farm near the town of La Gloria, where a large number of people have been sick with flu-like symptoms, and one child is confirmed to have had swine flu, and to be among the first cases. This outbreak is probably a natural result of mass concentration swine agribusiness practices in Mexico that have dramatically accelerated since the signing of NAFTA in ’93. Because of the rise of these gigantic farms, which are breeding ground for swine flu, outbreaks like this have been predicted for years. The Smithfield Corporation, the world’s largest pork processor, claims that its pigs are routinely vaccinated against swine flu and that their pigs were not infected. The Mexican pig industry goes farther, denying that the virus originated in pigs at all. The UN plans to investigate Smithfield’s farm as a possible source of the new strain of swine flu.

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