A crucial penalty in the last few minutes of theRedskins–Green Bay Game may have lost the ‘Skins the game,which was won by Green Bay, 28-14. Had the penalty not beenlevied against the ‘Skins and Green Bay not made that lasttouchdown, the score might have been 21-20 ‘Skins. Given howclose the election is, Tuesday’s electoral game is far morelikely to end close to a tie and be decided in overtime.

For the past 15 elections, if the’Skins have lost their last home game, the incumbent partyhas lost the White House. For examples back to 1936,read the full story.

Recent outcomes:

On October 30, 2000, the Redskins lost to the Titans and theDemocrats lost the White House.
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Scientists have evidence that bacteria dangerous to humanshave begun evolving in insects, for reasons that are not clear.

The October edition of Nature Reviews: Microbiology reportsthat invertebrates such as worms and insects may have begunenabling a rapid evolution for bacteria normally notharmful to humans. Not only are insects capable ofdelivering disease through bites and stings, they now may bethe breeding ground for strains of infectious bacteria neverbefore seen in humans.
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One of the scientists observing Titan during the Cassiniflyby summed it up perfectly: “I don’t believe it.”

It has been assumed that the atmosphere of Saturn’s moonTitan is made up primarily of methane, and that the hugecloud that hangs over its south pole during Titan’s australsummer must be liquid methane that has vaporized like waterdoes on earth when the sun heats it, and it forms clouds.

Problem is, the cloud is not methane. It can’t be, theparticles it’s made up of are too small.

So what gives? Chris McKay at NASA says, “If those cloudsare really not methane, then a lot of the things we thinkabout Titan are wrong. A lot of things we think about thoseclouds are wrong – the whole explanation of why they’re there.”
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Both the 9/11 Commission and federal authorities continue toinsist that none of the flight data recorders (FDR) orcockpit voice recorders (CVR) were recovered from thewreckage of the two planes that struck the World TradeCenter towers on September 11th, 2001. New York firefighterNicholas DeMasi claims otherwise. In a recent bookself-published by several Ground Zero workers, DeMasi statesthat he helped federal agents recover three of the fourdevices. (Editor’s Note: More information about the bookand how to purchase it is available from the link belowlabled “For more information”.)
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