An experiment with implications almost beyond imaginationhas confirmed that earth’s rotation actually twists thefabric of space and time.

An international group of scientists assembled by NASA hasconfirmed that Einstein was correct in his theory thatplanetary rotation would do this.

Scientists at the Joint Centre for Earth System Technologyand the University of Maryland measured a ?frame-dragging?effect on satellites orbiting the earth, suggesting that thepull of the Earth?s rotation on surrounding space causessatellites to shift slightly on its axis.

It also may be responsible for a whole range of differentphysical and even perceptual effects that are presentlylittle understood.
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UFOs are sometimes identified as “Earthquake Lights,” but arecurring, long-duration and high altitide over the SantaCruz Mountains in California does not seem to fit that category.

The object was well above the horizon, and earthquake lightstypically manifest close to the ground, along stressingfault lines. They do not necessarily mean that an earthquakeis immiment.

James Gilliland of, writes:
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Osama bin Laden has been located, but is in an area ofPakistan that the government cannot reach because the entirepopulation is hostile to the central authority. John Lehman,a member of the 911 Commission said in a speech yesterdaythat bin Laden had definitely been found.

Lehman was Secretary of the Navy during the Reaganadministration, and was among the 10 members of the 911commission.

While delivering a speech on terrorism at Pitzer College inClaremont, Lehman said that bin Laden is in Baluchistan, inSouth Vaziristan, in Pakistan. However, US troops are unableto enter the region due to the fact that a substantial forceis needed, and the US military is already overextended dueto the wars in Iraq and Pakistan.
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Persistent rumors in the international community suggestthat Israel, possibly with the help of the US, is about toattack and destroy the part of Iran’s nuclear infrastructurethat is capable of producing nuclear weapons.

Officially, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has been tellingconcerned nations that Israel has ruled out the militaryapproach as the first line of action, and is claiming thathe believes that diplomatic efforts are working.

However, diplomatic efforts are not working. Iran haspersistently refused to co-operate and appears to be workinghard to create a nuclear weapon. Because of Israel’s smallsize, even a relatively primitive nuclear bomb could,essentially, destroy the country.
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