Both the 9/11 Commission and federal authorities continue toinsist that none of the flight data recorders (FDR) orcockpit voice recorders (CVR) were recovered from thewreckage of the two planes that struck the World TradeCenter towers on September 11th, 2001. New York firefighterNicholas DeMasi claims otherwise. In a recent bookself-published by several Ground Zero workers, DeMasi statesthat he helped federal agents recover three of the fourdevices. (Editor’s Note: More information about the bookand how to purchase it is available from the link belowlabled “For more information”.)

DeMasi’s account is collaborated by another Ground Zerovolunteer, Mike Bellone. Bellone says he assisted DeMasiand the federal agents in recovering a device that resembleda “black box”. The “black boxes” — which are actuallyorange — could have provided valuable insight into theworst terror attack to ever occur on U.S. soil, includingthe conversations and radio transmissions of the hijackers.

Together, their story raises the question of a whether ornot there is some type of cover-up surrounding the events atGround Zero. Federal aviation officials have stated that theWorld Trade Center attacks seem to be the only majorjetliner crashes in which these crucial devices — designedand built to survive violent impacts and high temperaturefire — were neverrecovered.

If the account of DeMasi and Bellone is true, it’s not clearwhat motive federal authorities would have to conceal thefact the CVR’s and FDR’s were found. Neither is it clearwhat incentive DeMasi and Bellone would have to lie abouttheir account.

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