An unusually large bloom of toxic algae, which could poisonboth humans and shellfish, has been detected in the oceanoff the northwest coast of Washington state. OceanographerVera Trainer says,”The levels of toxin are the highest we’ve ever seen.”Shellfish tainted by the same type of poisonous algae offPrince Edward Island in Canada killed 3 people in 1987.

The algae, called pseudo-nitzschia, produce domoic acid,also known as Amnesic Shellfish Poison, which can damage theareas of the brain used for memory and learning, causingpermanent short-term memory loss. It’s lethal in higherdoses. Once it builds up in shellfish, they can remaindangerous for a year.
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Geminiwrites, in one of our newCommunionLetters: I had an encounter in 1973 while lying in bedreading a Batman comic. My reading lamp suddenly went out,and when I tried to get up to check it, I wound up in atrance, and couldn’t move any part of my body except my eyes.

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US Geological Survey volcanologists raised the alert levelat Mt. St. Helen’s to the highest possible and warned that amajor eruption appeared to be “imminent.”

The tremor this morning lasted 25 minutes, and is anindication that the volcano is moving toward an additionaleruption. There was a release of steam on Saturday thatattracted the largest crowd ever to the volcano’s visitorcenter.

While scientists anticipate a major eruption, they expectthat it will be smaller than the May 18, 1980 explosion thatkilled 57 people and ejected millions of tons of ash intothe atmosphere, which rained down across the PacificNorthwest for weeks.
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On Wednesday morning, September 22, numerous callers to Cleveland, Ohio radio station 1100 WTAM reported a rainbow-like aerial situation similar to a ‘Sundog.’ The situation complicates, however, as others begin describing unusual contrails, jet scrambles and other military activity all across northern Ohio.

One caller described an unusual light seen the night before Sept. 22 while driving home from Detroit around 1:00 a.m. while another caller claimed the similar sighting of a ‘bluish green light’ around 10:35 p.m. on Route 8 near the Stow, Ohio area (north of Akron). At daybreak the morning of Sept. 22, northeastern Ohio skies were allegedly ‘ripped’ with jet vapor trails.
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