The remains of a new species of Hobbit-sized human have beenfound in a cave on the island of Flores, an isolated islandto the east of Java. So far, the remains of eightindividuals from the new species have been uncovered. Thepartial skeleton of an adult female shows that these peoplewere about 3 feet (1m) tall and had a brain similar in sizeto a chimpanzee’s. Along with the remains, evidence of toolmaking and other modern human behavior were found at thesite. Scientists believe “Homo floresiensis” livedapproximately 18,000 years ago.

Local legends tell of hobbit-like people living on islandsin the area, but thus far there has been no evidence of them.
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The British Medical Association released a report Tuesdaywarning that without proper defenses the world will beincreasingly susceptible to designer bio-engineered weaponsincluding polio viruses, anthrax, and smallpox. According tothe report, biological weapons targeted toward specificethnic groups might even be the future of biological warfare.

Given the increasing skill with which scientist are able todissect human DNA, it may soon be possible to design weaponswhich destroy genetic variations found only in specificethnic groups.

?If we wait too long it will be virtually impossible todefend ourselves (against biological weapons),? saidVivienne Nathanson, the BMA Head of Science & Ethics.
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This is not a political website, and this story is not meant to favor one candidate or the other. Instead, it is a brief inside look at what happens nowadays when Big Washington descends on Hometown America. Something is very wrong with this picture.

We have confirmed the truth of this story. It is an accurate description of what took place in a little town in Oregon when the Bush Campaign arrived a few days ago.

It is a symptom of the total disconnect between the government and the people. Somebody needs to come back down to earth and remember who we are: humble, hard-working, ordinary folks. All of us, including our leaders.

Writing in the Oregonian, Paul Murdoch of Jacksonville, Ore., described a recent presidential campaign visit:
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Unknowncountry is not a political website, and those of uswho work here are a cross-section of many differentpolitical opinions. However, we are all of one mind,conservatives, liberals, moderates and unclassifiables, thatsomething is deeply and profoundly wrong with Washington.Not because one party or another is in power. But becauseWashington, across the board, is beginning to act like anout-of-touch occupying power, not the capital of a free nation.
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