A crucial penalty in the last few minutes of theRedskins–Green Bay Game may have lost the ‘Skins the game,which was won by Green Bay, 28-14. Had the penalty not beenlevied against the ‘Skins and Green Bay not made that lasttouchdown, the score might have been 21-20 ‘Skins. Given howclose the election is, Tuesday’s electoral game is far morelikely to end close to a tie and be decided in overtime.

For the past 15 elections, if the’Skins have lost their last home game, the incumbent partyhas lost the White House. For examples back to 1936,read the full story.

Recent outcomes:

On October 30, 2000, the Redskins lost to the Titans and theDemocrats lost the White House.

On October 27, 1996, the Redskins beat the Colts, and theincumbent Democrats held on to the White House.

On November 1, 1992, the Giants beat the Redskins and theRepublicans lost the Presidency.

Farther back, the story stays the same:

On November 2, 1952, the ‘Skins lost to the Steelers, andAdlai Stevenson, running for the then incumbent Democrats,lost to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The weird thing is, back in 1936, the Redskins weren’t evenbased in Washington. They were a Boston team. Nevertheless,when they beat the Chicago Cardinals at Fenway Park, thispredicted a win for the then incumbent Democrats. A few dayslater, Franklin Roosevelt, the incumbent, beat challengerWendell Willkie.

So, let’s all kick back and watch what happens tomorrow.Right now, the line is Green Bay is favored, Redskins arethe underdog. But the ‘Skins have shown some life this yearand Green Bay has struggled so it’s probably too close to call.

Sounds very much like the election, doesn’t it?

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