P.M.H. Atwater reveals that our ordinary kids of today are walking miracles: near-geniuses compared to just 50 years ago. P.M.H. says that humanity is evolving before our eyes. Then a Mars Express scientist reveals that there’s LOTS of water ice on Mars and European scientists will answer the Mars life question in months. PLUS–is the Martian sky blue or red?
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In our last poll, we asked you what you thought. 27% of you said “No”?that reporting from Mars will be accurate. 26% thought they would only conceal signs of intelligent life. 18% of you said they’ll conceal any life they find. 11% thought they would be very guarded in their reporting and 10% thought they’d conceal higher life forms, such as plants or animals. 8% said they wouldn’t believe it if they saw it. In our new poll, we ask you if evolution should be taught in schools. Be sure and vote!

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Everyone knows that parrots can “talk,” but it’s been assumed they only copy what they hear, and don’t really communicate. But an African gray parrot named N’kisi has a huge vocabulary, as well as a sense of humor. He uses correct grammar and seems to know what he’s saying. He’s even telepathic. Warning: If you have a pet bird you love, don’t keep him in the kitchen or fumes from your Teflon pans could kill him.

N’kisi uses correct present, past and future tenses, and if he doesn’t know the correct tense, he?ll invent one, such as “flied” for “flew.” He’s been studied by the chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall, who says N’kisi’s language is an “outstanding example of interspecies communication.” When he saw a photo of her with her chimps, N’kisi said to her, “Got a chimp?” read more

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock surprised audiences at the Sundance Film Festival with his film “Super Size Me,” about his 30 day diet of eating nothing but McDonald’s, in order to find out if American obesity is tied to fast foods. He gained 25 pounds on the diet and his liver began to fail.
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