Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock surprised audiences at the Sundance Film Festival with his film “Super Size Me,” about his 30 day diet of eating nothing but McDonald’s, in order to find out if American obesity is tied to fast foods. He gained 25 pounds on the diet and his liver began to fail.

In Newsweek, Brian Braiker quotes Spurlock as saying, “My body just basically falls apart over the course of this diet. I start to get tired; I start to get headaches; my liver basically starts to fill up with fat because there’s so much fat and sugar in this food. My blood sugar skyrockets, my cholesterol goes up off the charts, my blood pressure becomes completely unmanageable? I didn’t eat anything [else]?no gum, no candy, not even a Tic Tac?everything that I put in my mouth came from over the counter at McDonald’s. Even the water.”

He saw three different doctors during his month-long fast food diet, and each one did blood tests on him, and they all agreed that not only was he getting fat, his health was deteriorating rapidly. His diet also affected his mood, turning him into a “food junkie.” His girlfriend, who’s a vegan, could barely tolerate him during this period. He says, “I would eat and I would feel so good because I would get all that sugar and caffeine and fat and I would feel great. And an hour later I would just crash?I would hit the wall and be angry and depressed and upset.”

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