Stanton Friedman has been researching UFOs for over forty years. His efforts on the MJ-12 controversy and Roswell are the stuff of legend. Listen as he describes his amazing career and explosive new findings.

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The Capture House is the first chapter of a novel that Whitley is now writing. He believes that it is a description of a type of experience he cannot remember directly, drawn from his unconscious mind. To fully understand what this is about, you should read his Journal Entry entitled the Capture House, posted on October 8, more

This document represents a purported field manual/training aid for MJ-12 personnel. It covers the purpose and objectives of the MJ-12 Group, methods used during recovery of biological and technological materials, unit security, best practices for identifying UFOBs, descriptions of various UFOs, and dealing with living EBE’s. It also contains references to other MJ-12 documents and other administrative information. A fascinating more