A security guard was shot at the site of a huge ammonia storage tank near the Texas coast by a gunman who looked Middleastern and had an Arabic accent, after the guard caught him photographing the area. He’s being sought by the FBI, who think he may have been planning to explode the tank.The G2 Bulletin reports that the gunman escaped in a truck with tinted windows and no front license plate.

A local law enforcement source says this looks like a “terrorist reconnaissance operation?There are no signs of any explosives. There are no signs of any renegade ships in the area. But there is a strong likelihood this shooter and any companions that may have been with him were scoping out a possible target for terrorism.”
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As part of our ongoing new Communion Letters, we heard from Gordon from Texas who wrote: “This is a personal UFO story that I recently received confirmation about, from a man I’ve worked with for two years.”

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President Bush has criticized professional athletes for using steroids. These were heavily used in the former East Germany, to the extent that one female athlete, who was given steroids from a young age, decided to have an operation to become a man. Andreas Krieger, born a woman but now a married man, says, “They killed Heidi.” And in a surprising number of newborn babies, doctors can’t tell what sex they are, so a sex is assigned to them.
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In Canada, Danielle Cormier read about a UFO sighting in the Times & Transcript newspaper, and realized that she, along with 3 friends, had watched the same object for 45 minutes.

Charles Perry of the Canada Times & Transcript writes that Danielle was with her boyfriend Terry Steeves, and her friends Peggy and Ed. They were driving on the highway when Ed suddenly stopped the truck and they all peered out the windows “looking absolutely stunned, their faces white as though they had just seen a ghost.”
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