Just in time for the upcoming Presidential election, computer scientists are saying that the new electronic voting machines can be hacked. Several states have already purchased these machines.

Celeste Biever writes in New Scientist that the Diebold Electronic voting machines are designed so that the votes are recorded on memory cards which must be physically collected, making them not that different from old-fashioned voting booths. However, the machines can be easily changed so that votes are counted wirelessly instead, which makes them vulnerable to hacking. It would be faster and cheaper to collect the votes this way, so “the benefits to election officials would be huge,” says computer scientist Doug Jones.
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The possibility of extraterrestrial life was discussed at the recent World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This group includes high-powered world leaders such as Vice President Dick Cheney and the chairman of Coca Cola.

Craig Copetas writes in Bloomberg News that De La Rue CEO Ian Much moderated a seminar on “The Conspiracy Behind Conspiracy Theories: Have Extraterrestrials Made Contact With Government Leaders?”

“The panelists are the best in their domain; they all have expertise in specific fields,” says CEO Philippe Bourguignon. “The themes and sessions at Davos reflect the global agenda.”
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In his new journal, Whitley writes: “The greatest environmental catastrophe in recorded history is now unfolding. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has announced that the North Atlantic Oscillation is failing, and, along with it, the Gulf Stream…Polar waters are becoming far less saline, meaning that the “heat pump” effect that draws warm water north is failing.” What does this mean for our future?

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As part of our ongoing series of new Communion Letters, we present the adventures of Cecilia, from South Africa, who has used irony and humor to chase away unwanted Visitors.
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