Last year, the Federal Reserve secretly loaned the Arab Banking Company of Bahrain 35 billion dollars at a quarter of a point interest. ABC is owned by Gaddafi, AND it was just given an exemption by the US Treasury when Gaddafi’s assets were frozen a few weeks ago. In other words, behind the scenes the Treasury has allowed Gaddafi to keep billions of dollars even as our political leaders pretend they think he should be overthrown. Why? If the rebels win, they want them to think we were their friends.  But if Gaddafi wins, they want him to remember that they let him keep his money. Playing both sides against the middle never works.

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  1. “Playing both sides against
    “Playing both sides against the middle never works.”

    Well it does for the Power Elite – it always has before – 6,000+ years and going strong. And it will remain so as long as the sleeping masses remain blind to it. However…maybe, just maybe…this time they are beginning to wake up and see that. Your website helps that process so keep it up!

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