I used to get hate mail from people angry that I "believed in" global warming, as if believing scientific data is like believing in some article of faith. Of course, I’ve never thought that the data indicated steady planetary warming because that isn’t what’s going to happen. What’s happening is climate change, and the violent weather, both summer and winter, will continue until there is a fundamental change of climate. Now I get hate mail from people angry that my correct predictions have somehow "caused" the storms. The truth is that we have to live as best we can with climate change. I am going to be doing a detailed report for my Unknowncountry.com subscribers on just what to expect over the next 12 months, and how to prepare for it.

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  1. It’s finally upon us. The

    It’s finally upon us. The sharp collision gradients between heat and cold will only get more violent. Already we are having far to much rain than usual in our regions.

    The twister left behind “an incredible trail of devastation,” the National Weather Service said …..

    This was a very scary night for us in the St. Louis area with sirens going off all night. The tornados shifted from a EF1 to an EF4…..I don’t believe the news reported that there were two large cells, one coming up from the south while the other cell was north. The southern cell spun one storm while the northern spun a different storm, both producing tornados…..Well, it appears we are getting more though Wednesday of this week.

    The city of St. Louis was not hit but our neighbors in the counties near the airport were. The meteorologists here said it was more like a Oklahoma type tornado then St. Louis. Hail over four inches in some communities. The airport lost part of the roof along with other damage. All of this turbulence started on Tuesday (April 19th, first day of Passover) and is expected to continue into Wednesday April 27th.

  3. April/May is always tornado
    April/May is always tornado season in certain parts of the United States. I don’t doubt climate is changing for the worst but I don’t think it’s the end of the world either. Sorry but I don’t.

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