Every so often, Rolling Stone comes up with an incredible piece of journalism, and this is the most extraordinary story they’ve posted in a long time. People like Joseph Farrell and Jim Marrs have been warning about this kind of thing for years, and now here it is, in black and white, the proof that the Federal Reserve is a gigantic criminal enterprise which has apparently secretly bankrupted us without the approval of the president or the congress, who have been powerless to stop it. This is grand theft on a scale so large there is literally no word to describe it. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-real-housewives-of-wall-street-look-whos-cashing-in-on-the-bailout-20110411

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  1. The writer behind this Matt
    The writer behind this Matt Taibbi, has written an excellent book about this, topic. Every page is a revelation, GRIFTOPIA.

  2. Rolling Stone lead the way

    Rolling Stone lead the way with the “New Journalism” of George Plimpton and Hunter S. Thompson among others.
    Now that kind of writing has ‘snap , crackle & pop ” in it.
    The old National Observer was a great magazine with good journalism too.

    Great investigative journalism!

  3. Although Ron Paul is wrong on
    Although Ron Paul is wrong on some things (like global warming) he’s right about most things. Most people thought he was nuts for wanting to end the Federal Reserve. Now (a little late) people are realizing that he was just ahead of the curve.

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