When I was growing up in the south, I saw way too many cases like that of Troy Davis. My guess is that this man is entirely innocent, given that so many witnesses have recanted their testimony. Maybe he is a good man and maybe not, but nobody deserves to die over such a flawed case. But a black man on death row in the south has little chance. To learn more about his plight, click here.

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  1. Fernando-
    The Civil War was

    The Civil War was about state’s rights, the North turned it into a crusade against slavery. Just like the fundalmentalist Musilms are turning there terror war into a jihad.

    The South is no more racist than the rest of the country, they just do it with Money & taxes.
    Whitley is WRONG with this. I agree it’s a flawed case but deathrow in the CA is no diffrent than deathrow in MS.

    My .02

  2. “The War of Northern
    “The War of Northern Aggression” as some have referred to it James?? I am from North Carolina born on a tobacco farm and raised in southern ways until I got some fresh air at the age of 19 when I went into the air force and traveled a bit. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and I think I know a bit about racial attitudes and in my opinion Whitley is correct. You are not incorrect in your observations about other areas of the country but the south is still dealing with too many remaining old attitudes from the distant past. You are WRONG when you say the war was not about slavery. You say it was about states rights, yes the determination to maintain slavery, to ensure new states were slave, to ensure that escaped slaves were returned if they crossed into non-slave states and so on. True at the beginning of war the north was determined to restore the union and only later did Lincoln add that they would free the slaves. Southerns have said it was simply about “protecting southern honor and our way of life” except that slavery so was integral to the economic system it was one of foundations of our way of life. A truly black mark that needs to be faced, acknowledged and not explained away. Just another southerner’s $.02

  3. *comment redacted* out of PC
    *comment redacted* out of PC herd sensitivity….

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