OpenMinds got an excellent brief interview with Dan Ackroyd, including his thoughts on the abductions, Budd Hopkins, the United Airlines UFO over O’Hare Airport, Reagan’s UFO sighting and much else. He has always refused any contact with me, I suppose because he listened to Budd’s comments about me when he was squabbling with me, but he remains an important and welcome part of the UFO field. To watch, click here.

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  1. The link also goes into more
    The link also goes into more detail about Mr. Ackroyd in the information below the video. It even mentions an incident in the state of New York during the mid-80’s that happened to him that seems eerily close to the time and place of the ‘Communion’ events in Whitley’s life. I feel that there are reasons beyond his friendship with Budd Hopkins that may be keeping him at arm’s length from you, but what? Is there possibly more that has happened to him that he may not be ready to reveal? Here’s a really odd thought…What if he has been abducted and the two of you somehow crossed paths during one of these events?

    Too bad you cannot get him on ‘Dreamland’…

  2. I dont’ know whether or not
    I dont’ know whether or not he’s been abducted, but I’ll bet Dan Ackroyd has never read any of Whitley’s non-fiction books. He has probably just made some ill-advised assumptions.

    I admit that at first I, too, thought Whitley was nuts when I first picked up “Breakthrough: The Next Step” and read the dust jacket. But by the time I got through Chapter 2, I realized two things: one, he’s not crazy; two, he’s not lying.

    That was the year 2003. I’ve been following the life and times of Whitley Strieber ever since.

    No one who knows and appreciates Whitley’s open-minded stance on the UFO and visitor enigma would be scared away. There’s no stink of cultism or dogma in any of his writings on the topic.

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