So many people want so badly to believe that everything is all right with our climate that we still lack the will and the leadership to do what is necessary to save ourselves. As matters stand, we are in for a descent into climate hell. How ironic that the governor of Texas, one of the worst-hit states this year, is an outspoken global warming denier. If people like him were leaders instead, we could still find our way out of this crisis.

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  1. I like that John Houge calls
    I like that John Houge calls it “mother nature’s war on stupid”.
    I can’t see any other worth while assessment.

  2. I’ve been a denier a while
    I’ve been a denier a while back, but after watching greenman3610’s videos on Youtube I’ve learned. The problem is after watching Chris Martenson’s Crash Course videos:
    it turns out the climate is only one of many problems. You kind of get a whole new foundation for judging troublesome news. At least I did.

  3. Is any info available on the
    Is any info available on the methane out gassing situation this year so far? If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I agree…things are not good!

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