We left for an hour’s walk at a quarter of five. We went on a familiar timed route that takes one hour. When we got back, it was a quarter of seven. Neither of us has the slightest unusual memory. But it’s a walk we take two or three times a week and have for the past 5 years. The timing of it is exact to within a few minutes. So what happened to us? Ironically, I am writing a book now that involves missing time, and was working on a chapter about this very subject just before it happened. Who knows what this world really is, and who we really are? I have not the slightest idea, frankly. But it ain’t Kansas anymore, that’s for sure.

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  1. These time anomalies seem to
    These time anomalies seem to be more frequent in the LA basin, where you are living now. Perhaps they are mediated by the geomagnetic forces there.

  2. It ain’t just in LA…I have
    It ain’t just in LA…I have been experiencing ‘shifts’ for years, and have come to feel that there was a major reality shift in the last couple of years. Time does not feel the same anymore, and reality seems to have a lack of cohesiveness. Sometimes the sky even looks manufactured to me, and I spend more and more time feeling like I am no more than an observer in this world; watching, yet being part of the show at the same time.

    Please pass the popcorn…:-)

  3. Firstly: My word!!
    Firstly: My word!! ..Secondly, I’ve never had missing time, but over the last two years coincidences like what you allude to happening here have increased exponentially for me, which has kind of shifted my scope of reality, or put it into nagging question. I’ve found if I pray or take time to really intend to have coincidences, they will happen.. and I get the impression sometimes when they’ve happened it’s almost like if I just “listen” really carefully or closely, I can “see” some how they’re like happening all the time on some level but just without notice, and if you dip your head into “listen” you can “see” them or this layer, and it unravels.

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