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  1. Richard and John are both
    Richard and John are both good friends. I am planning to have both on Dreamland soon. Recently, though, it has been disclosed that the Rendlesham Forest sighting records, like the Roswell records, are missing. I don’t believe that these were both accidents. I cannot believe that, it’s just too much of a coincidence. Perhaps John was not able to find evidence of a coverup, but this seems to me to be substantial circumstantial evidence. And, in this video, Richard speaks about documentary evidence that is very compelling indeed.

  2. Ghadafy is more likely to
    Ghadafy is more likely to surrender to the Hague than any of these super-rich string-pullers are to ever allow any of the real information to see daylight. The only force left capable of challenging them is “government” which is why they are making such a sustained and concerted effort to drain and subvert it. We hairless chimps are so pathetically easy to manipulate–it always works. Repeat the Big Lie often and loud enough and we will believe it every time. Game, set, and match.

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