A revolution in Saudi Arabia has the potential to become the most serious crisis the west has faced since World War II, and, in a worst-case scenario, the worst crisis the world has ever faced. The reason for this is, not only is this oil essential to the life of man on this planet, it is also potentially possible to set some of the enormous oil pools on fire, which would be an irrecoverable human and environmental catastrophe. In January and February of 1991, some Kuwaiti oil pools were ignited by Iraq and burned at a rate of 6 million barrels a day. Sabotage of the larger Saudi pools is just as feasable, and could ruin the world.

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  1. According to Father Lindsey
    According to Father Lindsey Williams (not a prophet he gets fed info direct from what he calls the worst people in the world, the Global Elite) the U.S. is sitting on 4 major oil deposits (Gull Island,Montana,The Rockies & of course Alaska)of Trillions of barrells to be ‘Found’ after price is up to around $200 a barrel & after crashing the dollar bill. He warns of coming Euro collapse with dollar right behind it & he has been ‘hitting’ at around 100% with his info from now deceased Oil Co. Executive Ethan Frome & other Elite ‘feeds’. Listen to him for yourselves on Confessions of the Elite or get his book.

  2. Further to that, here’s an
    Further to that, here’s an interesting breakdown of where the U.S. imports it’s oil from, according to the USEIA: http://tinyurl.com/25y62hn

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