If ever there was a prescription for revolution, this is it. In modern times, not a single country that has experienced a division of wealth this dramatic has survived without great change. By 1780 in France, 10% of the population owned 70% of the wealth. Then a volcano erupted in Iceland, which led to years of poor harvests in Europe. The impoverished multitude got hungry and the rest is history. The same thing happened in Iran, and is now happening in the oligarchic dictatorships of the middle east. Worldwide food shortages are coming, and they could easily include us. People will tolerate all manner of abuse, but a division of wealth as extreme as is present in this country now has not been seen since the Middle Ages. America be warned: when people get hungry, they get mean.

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  1. Oppression always creates the
    Oppression always creates the means of its own destruction.
    –“The Mark of Zorro”

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