This reviewer has a take on the Key that I find rather interesting. He calls himself an ‘intuitive,’ although it’s not quite clear what this means. He reviews me as well as the book. Unusually, I don’t come off too badly.

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  1. I am going to go out on a
    I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you speak with this man, Whitley. I have read most of your books, and I have met you and also corresponded with you. He IS very intuitive and perceptive. He admits that your personality and personal experiences color the tone of The Key, while also acknowledging that the book has much to offer and that you are truly on to something on a higher level of awareness and consciousness. What he says also dovetails with your astrological life-path. You may not want to do a full-blown Dreamland interview with him, but I think it would be worth-while for you to find a way to correspond with him.

  2. That was actually very
    That was actually very interesting, and pretty fair overall. I DEFINITELY think you should have him on Dreamland.

    My take is that you were “chosen” because of A) your intellect; B) your innate honesty and decency; C) your ability to reach an audience. I agree with this guy that your darker side, the one that writes horror fiction, colors your interpretations and overall outlook. And that’s fine, as anyone else dealing with this material would color it with their own psyche, probably to a much worse extent, and I also think there’s value in the dark. So I tend to minimize the “sky is falling” aspect of your message and focus on the often incredibly insightful and also beautifully written thoughts you share about compassion, the soul, your personal struggle with phenomena (resonating with so many of ours), and the true mysteries that allow us peeks and glimpses of the next level of perception that’s opening up to us.

    Finally, one of the MOTK passages focused on by Mr. Anthony really is among the most compelling, which is that the aim for our immediate future is to essentially make us psychic, at least to the degree that secrets could no longer be maintained by individuals or governments, and probably to the extent that we would know the dead go on. This would bring on a level of change to our world that combines catastrophic collapses with unimaginable potential for a new reality. It makes me recall an astonishingly inspirational and prescient episode of Star Trek Next Generation that I believe captures the unfolding of such an evolution within a world, called Transfigurations: . I highly recommend it to the Dreamland folks (if you’re on Netflix, you can stream it instantly as part of Season 3.)

    The way to get ahead of the curve as an individual is to work on releasing your own secrets and self-delusions, in a reasonably controlled way (in the interest of self-preservation in an often hostile world). A good example: if you’re gay you should at least come out to those you love, and be smart about how you do it, hopefully with a good support network. On a more general level, if your life is constructed around lies, whether those you tell others or you tell yourself, you must make an effort to remake it in the light of truth, despite all you may fear.

    The recent passing of Betty Ford brought back to me a great example of how a life should be lived, unashamed, brave, with compassion, and with little regard for the sometimes intense social pressures to maintain the status quo. Be the force for good in the world.

  3. Good review and a true
    Good review and a true perspective is that the book is actually kind of pessimistic for me at least.
    Of course any book is influenced by the authors own thought process but so many truths ring true,mankind is a build up of mathmatic probabilities governed by nature and they are mostly negative right now.
    Shakespere said “there’s nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so!”Nature does’nt think it acts,pure endless scenarios coming into fruition everyday and if it happens to be pessimistic or depressing for humanity then there is no malice in it,it just is.
    The reviewers are just as guilty as any author of any book of implying their own personal bias in the review.So the review is as biased to the reviewer as the book is to the author.

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