We have come to a crossroads in the life of man. Listen to what this great man has to say about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4k8pdJ2so4

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  1. Great PPP with fascinating
    Great PPP with fascinating material. Can he make it to Dreamland soon?

  2. Incredible synchronicity that
    Incredible synchronicity that Whitley recommend this video at the same time I am rereading Immanuel Velikovsky’s WORLDS IN COLLISION. Although it is Velikovsky’s AGES IN CHAOS that covers the period that Graham Hancock reviews in this extraordinary talk, WORLDS IN COLLISION often refers to that prior deluge catastrophe and the world-wide amnesia of that event. I also have Robert Bauval’s recent book BLACK GENESIS which positively proves that the Egyptians learned their astronomy and zodiac including the 26,000 years precession of the equinox from the black tribes of Africans from the south of Egypt that populated those regions over 12,000 years ago when the climate and ecology were much different from that of the current era. Here is a YouTube link to Robert Bauval’s 90 minute presentation on the Sphinx http://youtu.be/ZA9JysD5ASk

  3. Diogenes with his magic lamp
    Diogenes with his magic lamp has discovered an honest man. Praise God!

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