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  1. This has got to be one of the
    This has got to be one of the strangest stories she has ever covered, and that is saying a lot! Something about ‘Oltissis’ seems to ring a bell for me, but I am at a loss to explain why…And my feeling is that the spelling is not quite right.

    Regarding the drones and self-activating software, I remember contacting Whitley way back about self-activating software and crop formations, and now here we are right back on this evolving story.

  2. Doesn’t anyone think that as
    Doesn’t anyone think that as an award winning reporter, Linda should have figured out that the fact that the book doesn’t exist should have been vetted BEFORE airing her reports. This story is a #fail.

  3. Whitley, can you please
    Whitley, can you please comment on the “debunking” of the whole drones phenomenon that was done by Starfire Tor?

    I found her analysis unconvincing and a far less than academically worthy effort, as I find her whole spiel to be quite honest. I’m actually surprised you and Anne seem so taken with her, given that I think she’s a borderline crackpot. So I’m wondering how you, as both an apparent believer in the reality of the drones and the CARET material, reconcile that with Ms. Tor’s very public stance to the opposite? Just a difference of opinion?

    Personally, I find the CARET material very compelling, and if it’s not real then it’s an incredibly sophisticated work of disinformation. But all the latest Ted Connors material about alleged telepathic, printed messages from OLTISSIS and the missing book are confusing at best, and seem like either a hoax or disinformation at worst. Where is the corroborating interview with Ted’s boss (who allegedly witnessed the book confiscation)? Was the book checked out from the library, and if so would there not be a record of that? Given the nature of Ted’s work, were there not security cameras that captured the 2 goons supposedly from NSA and HS? Ted said that he got the names of those men, but does he remember those names and is there any effort being undertaken to verify who they were? How did Ted just stumble upon an exceedingly rare copy of a seemingly related book, with one of the few supposed references in literature to the word Oltissis? Where is the documentation related to the supposed lab report that showed the palladium traces in the tree sample? And most of all, why didn’t Ted just go back to the site of the original communication (by the now dead tree) and ask more questions?? Something here just doesn’t seem to add up, so I hope there is more information forthcoming, probably thanks to the diligent work of Ms. Howe. Unfortunately, I won’t be surprised if this turns out that this whole case and the alleged Greek connection is another red herring for people to chase.

    Thanks, and again please comment on the Tor drones material.


    1. +1 here. Never liked
      +1 here. Never liked Starfire Tor, and now that I hear she proclaims the drones as fake, I actively dislike her. Whitley, I too don’t understand how you could be so interested in her, she does nothing but blur the clarity you yourself bring to the table. She contributes nothing to our overall knowledge of anything.

  4. Oltissis…All That Is
    Oltissis…All That Is

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