The Michigan legislature has just passed a law that encourages harrassment for religious reasons. It’s disguised as an anti-bullying act, but a clause secretly included by the state senate makes it legal for students to bully those whose religious beliefs they dislike. So, if you’re a member of a minority religion in Michigan–say, a Wiccan or a Ba’hai or a Muslim–it’s just fine for Christian children to bully your kids all they please. Personally, I’m just sick to death of things like this happening. The people who pass legislation like this are beyond shame. They are sick and evil. To learn more about this new law, click here.

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  1. Sounds like this bill could
    Sounds like this bill could be successfully challenged based on it’s blatant unconstitutionality.
    Unfortunately, a lot of people keep forgetting that their rights end where their actions infringe on the rights of someone else.

  2. WHats the difference between
    WHats the difference between a belief and a superstition? I have beliefs and you have superstitions. This is the ol party line of Christians especially fun da mentalists. They even espouse that the Pope is an agent of Evil. I love the constant refrain about worshipping the King Of Peace while spewing vile hatred and more judgements that the Supreme Court. Whitley one said the he looked forward to the Rapture to we coul get rid of all these bombastic selfrightious ones i agree. If your faith is truely sound and your heart filled with the Christos there is no room for these hatreds. As for the pouncing on homosexuals for their “Agenda” there really is a homosexual agenda. its the radical notion to live openly and freely JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. to paraphrase Jesus, Judge not, and lifes alot easier.

  3. You’re exactly correct
    You’re exactly correct Whitley. The clause was put in so that Christians could get away with putting down anyone the Bible tells them to abhor. But doesn’t the Bible say that we are all sinners? So it gives them cart blanch to bully anyone regarding any perceived sin. This is just a small part of what the republicans are now doing in Michigan. Yes, it’s a republican majority now plus a republican Governor. Hallelujah!

    Add to that the republican Governor’s right to proclaim a city insolvent and install his own financial manager with absolute authority to strip out any parts of union contracts he deems is needed. The person appointed by the Governor can be anybody he wishes. That includes a representative of a private corporation. It is a backdoor way to gut union contracts and it can be done totally unilaterally by that one person’s decision and is completely binding!

    Oh yeah, they cut funding for public schools too while giving 1.2 billion in tax cuts to Michigan corporations. Because of that the local school district just had to ask for an 85% increase in the special education property tax or it would not be properly funded as mandated in No Child Left Behind. The voters in my ‘republican always’ district voted to not fund special Ed!

    I feel the trickle sprinkling down on my head already.

  4. Back in late 2010, former
    Back in late 2010, former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvel, for reasons beyond anyone’s comprehension, decided to create an anti-gay blog online called the “Chris Armstrong Watch”, which, for all intents and purposes, was designed to obviously bully and harass an openly gay college student president at Ann Arbor.

    A quote from Andrew Shirvel: “I’m a Christian citizen exercising my First Amendment rights. I have no problem with the fact that Chris is a homosexual. I have a problem with the fact that he’s advancing a radical homosexual agenda,” Shirvell responded.”

    Andrew Shirvel stalked Chris Armstrong’s Facebook page, copying photos and spreading lies about Chris on his online blog. He even had the audacity to harass Chris Armstrong by physically video-taping him on occasion. When Anderson Cooper interviewed him on CNN, you could tell just by hearing Andrew’s voice that he was a latent homosexual. Andrew Shirvel is beyond sick and not to mention a weapons-grade creep. Fortunately, he was barred from his job “for actions unbecoming of a state official.”

  5. Whitley, why is it that the
    Whitley, why is it that the most disgusting and egregious acts can be committed, with complete immunity, by, so called, Born Again Christians or Fundamentalists? What makes them so special? Could it be that most of the superstitious people in this country actually believe all the Sky God bull and allow the horrific actions of the “Godly” to go unpunished because they, themselves, are afraid of being doomed to eternal damnation by their loving God?

    “Faith does not answer questions; it only prevents us from asking them.”

  6. I am a victim of religious
    I am a victim of religious bullying, myself. In second grade, a Minister’s son would hold me down in the pea gravel in a headlock shouting, ‘Believe in God, Believe in God!’. This radical abuse to my psyche led me to years of virulent Atheism, and anti-religious behavior. Nowadays, I’ve found serious enlightenment that has allowed me to be every religion on Earth, while also remaining Atheist, so I’ve worked around my biases. But there are millions of rational little minds out there being abused by the pious and righteous in the name of Jesus. Please, people, watch your kids’ attitudes about religion, and make sure they keep their zealous attitudes in check.

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