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  1. What a wonderful
    What a wonderful synchronization – thankyou
    Israel are known as the sheep – the contactees are the shepherds. Here then are the code words:
    sheep = Israel.
    Pen = ‘House’ of Israel in Palestine, before they were scattered from the pen.
    To understand what I’m referring to, just read the ‘strange days’ column, under the heading, ‘THE GREAT SHEEP PANIC’.
    It seems I’m not alone when trying to awaken the pupil.

  2. “It’s a Mere!” Jean Brown –
    “It’s a Mere!” Jean Brown – contactee

    “Mere a mourning!” James Wright – contactee

    “I remember sitting and relaxing in the chair one afternoon in an air of silence and peace. I then became aware of a circular vision manifesting itself between my eyes, and of which I have had many. Around the outer perimeter there was only a white haze, whilst inside there was clarity of vision. As I continued to observe the room in this visual state, the hall-door opened, and in walked a human-looking man. He was tall, dressed casually (perhaps jeans), with a small waistcoat and wearing a yellow straw trilby hat complete with a black band around the rim. His hair was dark and his skin fair. I noticed that on one side of his hat he had many small badges, with each, I felt, representing something important or special, as if they had some sort of significance. He came to the middle of the room and kneeled down on the floor, where I now perceived children playing happily and content. He sat amongst them and interacted with them. Curiosity now begged that I ask him who he was. He simply replied, “I am the Gardener.”” Ann Williams – contactee

    To understand the contact experiences of today related to the contactees, one must understand the symbolic terminology of the Eye and pupil of Horus and what it represents.
    The subject Jean Brown, reported a visitation which included two people, one was an adult and the other resembled a child – both were not clear in their appearance. As the subject continued to observe this vision, she noticed the child-like figure raise his/her hand to his/her lips and then blow in the subject’s direction. There then was an odour of ‘lavender’ in the subject’s nostrils. Then there came the words, “It’s a mere,” from the adult. This experience followed a day later from a full contact experience of being transported into a circular room. (As I wrote the words ‘circular room’, it suddenly dawned on me, that the contactee is in the center of this circular room – is this ‘circular room’ a reference to the Eye of Horus, with the contactee representing the pupil?) The word ‘mere’, comes from the fourteenth century Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘pure’, as in wine, people or language. The adult-like figure, when relating to Jean Brown – “It’s a mere,” is therefore saying, “It’s a purifying”, or “It’s a cleansing.”

    The subject James Wright, after a night of contact experiences, writes the following account:

    “Upon awakening, I hear a deep, gruff, slightly electronic voice, coming from a short distance to my left. This being, I know, is wearing some kind of cloak, is quite pug and round, about 3 feet (even though I did not see him). I heard words which sounded like, “Merry morning!” and thought this ridiculous, but as I repeated the words in my head and how they sounded, I became aware that they sounded like another language – ‘mer-a-morn-in’. As I tried to translate this into English, I came up with ‘mere a mourning’! – It feels so important!”

    James, came up with the translation: “I believe that ‘mere a mourning’ means ‘pure is mourning’ or ‘pure be careful’ or ‘pure is anxious’.”

    “But it wasn’t about the baby – it was about the being holding the baby!” Bridget Grant – contactee

    Bridget Grant, when being interviewed by the researcher Nick Pope, concerning her experience with a ‘being’ cradling or holding a baby, was resolute in her above response, when Nick Pope and Bud Hopkins were both adamant that the child in the arms of the being represented the child presentation scenario within the alien abduction experience. Unlike Bub Hopkins however, my own interpretation of the child presentation scenario, is of the beings encouraging the contactee to take the children to themselves – this I believe refers to the ‘children’ as representing Israel, and the contactees as representing the Levites. The taller beings then, that are so often involved with the contactees on a deep level, would symbolically represent the contactees themselves. The smaller subservient beings would represent the children. The hybrid children, would represent not a physical change – but a transformation into a greater consciousness of the children, resulting from the teachings of the contactees.

    I can also show within my writings, that the ‘cleansing of the Levites’ in the time of the exodus, shortly before they were to become the possession of God, actually refers to the Levites receiving ‘hidden knowledge’. The rest of the twelve tribes are then said to place their hands on the Levites – this then is symbolic for the twelve tribes receiving the teachings of knowledge from the Levites. The Levites being cleansed or purified then, translates as the Levites being raised into a greater consciousness and receiving as a result, ‘hidden knowledge’. This is what is actually meant when God speaks of bringing the Levites ‘CLOSE’ to him. This becomes interesting, when we consider the translation of the word ‘Levi’, which translates as ‘attached to’. The term ‘mere’ or ‘pure’ then, simply relates to ‘one who is of a higher consciousness, and as a result, is the possessor of hidden knowledge that the majority do not have access. As the Levites were cleansed or purified (receiving hidden knowledge) in the time of the exodus – so too they will in the end times:

    “See, I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the Covenant, whom you desire, will come, says the Lord Almighty. But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver.”
    Malachi 3, 1

    We see now a new translation of the above. The Levites are to be raised to a higher state of consciousness with the receiving of knowledge. I can also explain, why the cherubim refers to the Levites and the ‘wings’ of the cherubim refers to the twelve tribes of Israel.

    Jason Andrews, another contactee, could offer a vital clue also to the contact experience. Ann Andrews, a contactee and mother of Jason, questioned her son one night whilst he was in his bed. Ann, on entering Jason’s bedroom, found him to be sitting upright in bed. Ann then asked, “Are you alright Jason?” Jason replied, “Yes, we are whole.” Ann then proposed that Jason lay down and get some sleep, to which, Jason responded with an air of authority, “You must understand, I am them and they are me. The few are the many, and the many are One.” Here again, we have to apply the words from the adult figure from Jean Brown’s experience – “It’s a mere.”

    When, in my early years of studying contactees with the extra-terrestrial hypothesis, I interpreted Jason’s words with the following:

    “You must understand, I am them and they are me. The few (contactees) are the many (extra-terrestrials), and the many are One (hive mentality).”

    However, with the passage of time, I believe a symbolic explanation to be:

    “You must understand, I am them and they are me. The few (contactees) are the many (tribe of Levi), and the many are One (Echad/Hashem).” Echad = One. Hashem = God. The numerical value of the word ‘Echad’ from the Kabbalah, is thirteen.

    To understand this, the reader must now cast his/her mind back to the previous chapter, ‘GOD = THIRTEEN’.
    When looking for the explanation of the almond-eyed entities as being a collective tuned as One, and being connected with children, we see perhaps another explanation other than the hive mentality as the researchers see it. When the tribe of Levi became Echad with Hashem – they became Echad.

    In both the legends of the Aztec/Maya and the Hopi Indians, which I believe are a result of Hebrew influence, the ‘thirteenth’ factor of the twelve represented something very special. For example, the central thirteenth crystal skull of the twelve skulls, represented the ‘collective consciousness’. The thirteenth tribe or Rainbow Warriors of the Hopi Indians, represented the healers and teachers, that will guide the Earth back into peace, love and wisdom. Even Excalibur, from the Holy Grail legends, was said to inherit indestructible magical qualities. When King Arthur has the ‘sword’ thrown back into the ‘lake’ (water being the terminology for Israel, and the sword being terminology for the Levites – this then is also a reference to the ‘missing phallus’ of Osiris), the sword will rise at a future time from the lake for the future King.

    Derek A. Jones

  3. The ‘stairway’ or ‘ladder’ to
    The ‘stairway’ or ‘ladder’ to heaven (horizon), from the Pyramid Texts, is a direct result of the ‘limbs’ of Osiris being ‘stretched-out’, once he is uprooted by Set (King of Byblos) from his House of sky. Osiris, then traverses above his stretched-out limbs in order to reach his throne within the horizon – the ‘divinely created’. These coded symbolic limbs or stars, are then gathered together with Osiris within his new abode of the horizon. Another wonderful terminology of these stretched-out limbs of Osiris from East to West, when he is uprooted from his House of sky, is of Horus ‘bending the nine Bows’ from the ‘divinely created’ in the West, to aid Osiris whilst he is in the East – the nine Bows being a reference to the limbs – the goddess and the eight heh gods. The stairway to heaven (horizon) then, is simple coded terminology that applies to a settlement of tribes being uprooted in the East, and of their relocation in the West. This settlement of the nine tribes (or gods, for those who struggle with coded terminology within the Utterances), can be seen to be stretched-out from their original homeland of the East to their new location in the West. The heir or Covenant holder, then travels above these stretched-out nine tribes in order to get to his inheritance – the throne. With the Eye of Horus and Osiris being one and the same, the Eye then is relocated from East to West, and to the ‘mound of earth (throne)’ within the midst of the sea. The ancient Pyramid Texts authors, when presenting this in pictorial symbolic form, reveal to us – the throne and the Eye together, which is a symbol for Osiris. The ‘three-stepped’ throne then of Osiris (Eye of Horus), is actually a coded pictorial geographical reference to the Great island of Osiris, on which he – the Eye was to be restored.
    This is only the tip of the ice-berg with what I now understand. I am a fully aware contactee, and I can explain the ‘pupil’ of the Eye , or the ‘phallus’ of the body, as representing the contactees of today. A ‘pupil’ or ‘phallus’ that was to ‘blossom’ forth with a greater consciousness ahead of the Eye or body.
    It breaks my heart, when I perceive wrongful translations – leading to wrongful teachings of a misconception.

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