From an Unknowncountry reader:

"I have something to add to the catalog of strange sounds being reported from around the world.  I live about 40 minutes from the Pensacola Naval Air Station.  Helicopters overhead are common and the pilot trainees do touchdown landings less than a mile from my house.  So, I am used to sound in the sky.  But, on occasion I hear what I can best describe as the very loud roar we would hear in a WWII movie scene of a group of propellar planes simultaneously preparing for takeoff.  I’ve heard this many times, have taken a look out the window, but missed whatever it was (I thought).  But, today the roar was the loudest I have every heard.  It sounded like that group of WWII planes was flying low over my house.  I went outside and scanned a clear blue, but empty sky.  I waited, but nothing came into view.  After a few minutes the sound receded toward the West, then returned for a bit, then receded again.  I heard it once more, but it was distant.  I think the whole episode lasted  15 or 20 minutes.  I checked with a friend…she heard it also."

If you have noticed anything similar in your area, please write and let us know.

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  1. there was a soup bean feast
    there was a soup bean feast in town that week so maybe… just kidding. i dont live there but i had a similar occurance in 1989 while leaving Rhamstein Air Base in Germany. it was very foggy, and the air field wa way off to my left as i drove the autobhan when the fog lit up bright pink but above us not on ground. the area of pinkness was huge, about a football field in length. There came a horrendious noise like we were very close to several C130’s. i was awaiting a crash sound as it dawned on me that the pinkness was traveling slower than a helicopter. I slowed as much as possable but its not a good idea to go too slow on Autobhan the germans will drive right into you. still have no idea what it was. I talked to aviation ppl who said the lights dont turn fog pink. who knows.

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