I don’t trade Forex, but if I did, I would buy Euro/Usd. (This isn’t a recommendation, incidentally, just my thought. If you have never traded Forex, DON’T without a LOT of research and paper trading first. It is a very quck way to lose your ass and more.)

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  1. The Eurobond is the last
    The Eurobond is the last resort. Things must be bad then aka double dip comming?
    The stockmarket is not rational. The debt limit crysis cause a lack of trust in US government so people bought Tresury bonds – go figure.

  2. Whitley, I can appreciate
    Whitley, I can appreciate that you are still trying to make your fortune in the market–I wish you success! Meanwhile while the existing financial paradigms fall away, I want to recommend to you and others here at UC, Charles Eisenstein’s brilliant book: Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition. Who knows, maybe you could get Mr. Eisenstein on Dreamland.

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