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  1. On a personal note, I’m a big
    On a personal note, I’m a big green tea and sushi fan and as much as I want to support Japan, I have concerns about the green tea and sushi coming from Japan, particularly the farmed fish such as Yellowtail. Thousands of gallons of radioactive water from the cooling basins have been dumped into the sea off of Japan.

    While on the topic of food, anyone have any thoughts about the relationship between diet and spirituality? Like our unsustainable economic and social paradigms, our agricultural and food production systems are also unsustainable. Food production is dependent on fossil fuels like almost everything else.

  2. Ever since the Fukishima
    Ever since the Fukishima disaster, I’ve been getting my regular iodine from kelp, which I’m starting to worry about now, as hot waste continues to flow into the ocean. One’s thyroid needs iodine, and if we don’t get it from a neutral source, our thyroid gland will take it from the atmosphere, where there is lots of Iodine 131, the radioisotope of iodine…and we are still wondering where cancer comes from!

  3. Japan, I fear, will never
    Japan, I fear, will never fully recover from this disaster. Exacerbating the whole situation with the reactor and radioactive pollution is the fact that Japan has not stopped shaking after all these months. These aren’t little aftershocks. They are experiencing 6.0 and up on the Richter scale, and just about every single day.


  4. Cosmic, I have an earthquake
    Cosmic, I have an earthquake notification app on my droid phone, and yes, every day I’m getting from 4.0-6.0 or greater “off the east coast of Honshu.” Yesterday there was a 4.7 in Hokkaido. The night before we were supposed to fly into Honolulu, the tsunami took place in Japan. We didn’t know if there was going to be an Oahu to fly into. As it turned out, all was well except for a few places in the islands. Over the next three days all the islands’ emergency preparedness centers ordered additional radiation detectors in order to measure any significant rise in atmospheric radiation. The news media reassured islanders that the amount of radiation was less than that of a dental X-ray, which got me to wondering. A dental X-ray lasts a millisecond? or so. How about multiplying that times 24 hours, times 7 days a week. This is really creeping me out with the radiation still leaking… I keep thinking the death-from-cancer stats will change significantly over the next 10 years.

    1. Nanci, I believe the cancer
      Nanci, I believe the cancer stats will increase for various areas beyond Japan. A lot of the information from Japan about the situation with the reactors has been downplayed from the beginning. Do we even want to think about all of that radioactive water being dumped into the Pacific Ocean? Even if you do not take into account the effects of radiation on living organisms as they are at this moment, the implications for mutations over time amongst all of the affected living organisms has to be staggering.


      All this, and Japan is also in continuous motion due to earthquake activity? Yikes!

  5. Makes me think of Edgar
    Makes me think of Edgar Cayce’s prophecy that “the greater part of Japan will go into the sea” during the world changes he foresaw. Hope he was wrong.

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