But how? This is a very talkative place, this world of ours. Everybody will be jabbering away so loudly we won’t be able to even begin to connect with them which, even if we do manage to start, will be a generations-long effort. We are not ready to do this, but I have a feeling that no baby, dropping out of the womb, ever feels ready.

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  1. The effect of aliens coming
    The effect of aliens coming to earth (openly) would be ten times the effect Europeans had on the American Indians when they first came to America. Wouldn’t it be interesting, perhaps a let down, if they had nothing to offer us spiritually? What if we were more spiritually advanced than them? What if they were merely biological devices sent here to investigate and had no soul or real sense of consciousness? Back to the original post question: who would talk with them? Can you imagine the debates in the U.N. as to who would represent the earth and speak with the aliens?

  2. It’s my belief that if the
    It’s my belief that if the vistors show up more openly, any communication will be on their terms not ours. In some sense people are limited by the experiences they have had. The vistors my not have any such limitation.

    Their minds my hold things which simply may not be understandable to us at all. It’s possible that they don’t even have minds, in our sense of the word.

    It’s been my experience that people simply try and fit, new experiences to the ideas and concepts they already carry around inside. But our range of experience is in some sense limited by language, and our civilization is not very old. Some could argue that we really don’t have a civilization at all quite yet. It’s hard to even guess, what kinds of mentality, a million years or more of civilization might produce.

    There are many highly intelligent species, here on Earth, that science is unable to easily communicate with, Elephants, Dolphins, Chimpanzee’s, Gorillia’s, Parrots… .

    What if the situation was reversed. What if they just can’t communicate with us due to our limited mental capacities. Or because we don’t recognize that communication as real.

    Maybe they see us as Schizophrenic… since we spend half of our lives asleep, and have a significant part of ourselves in an unconscious mind that few have access to. Our mental fragility, may be all to obvious to them. Our ego’s may seem like a curse and affliction.

    Instead of communication with us directly, they could try subliminal communication, by sending dreams into our sleep, or through other animal species. They may understand us better then we understand ourselves.

    We all may wish at some point, that we had read a lot more science fiction. Maybe I’ve read too much already.

  3. hopefully they fill up the
    hopefully they fill up the sky

  4. Surely they can communicate
    Surely they can communicate with everybody at any time they wish etc.
    The interesting question is why they don’t (just land and communicate). I’m sure there is a reason?

    1. I think it is obvious that
      I think it is obvious that they don’t “simply land” because it would serve no purpose. I believe these advanced beings’ very survival somewhat depends on our development as a species. They do nothing that doesnt serve a purpose, and that in a grand way. Look what mankind has done with what’s been given so far, not much. With each epoch, it seems mankind “reinvents the wheel” (attains ascendancy knowledge or higher thought) even more imperfectly and it looks as if we could possibly be heading toward a anticlimax of some sort. Almost as a child playing at building blocks and always looking up for approval, when we need to get outside and learn how to walk or ride tricycle. We need to retrace our steps carefully and in a concerted effort discover what’s been hidden for us by our forebearers (hidden knowledge) and fit the pieces into the puzzle. This needs to be done quickly, I think we really are in a sense working against time in a way – could be the key may involve being able to manipulate time. Whatever the case, we need a huge amount of courage, because those weak among us will be of course tempted by the discoveries! Maybe the visitors are here so that this could potentially be stopped, but we have to ask for their assistance/protection. Wisdom needed here!

  5. some abductee said he was
    some abductee said he was shown visions by the visitors that an eastern country would find evidence of ET on the moon. He also said that they would ‘fill up the sky’ and alot of people would not believe it and suicide rates would go through the roof as people would think it was the end of the world. They would then abruptly leave. This,apparantly is to say ‘we exist’

    All leading up to 2015

  6. According to some persons who
    According to some persons who have experienced alien contact, much of what is conveyed is done subconciously. I wonder about what has already been conveyed to those who have experienced contact and how that information will be of value when there is an intentional disclosure to the greater populace of Earth. The reactions of those who have had contact may help bridge the divide between the two races even though they don’t know it or understand it now.

  7. They already communicate with
    They already communicate with experiencers of their chosing like Whitley using telepathy. They control the interaction and limit what they convey at any one time into mentally digestable bytes. A wide range of information affecting all the senses can be conveyed in this way.

  8. From a possible visitor
    From a possible visitor perspective, I’m not sure there is any purpose in landing. In any tete-a-tete isn’t the objective to come away from the meeting with a mutually agreeable outcome, one that fulfills goals, ideals, profitable gains of some sort for both parties? But if an intelligent party can achieve its goals without showing their hand, and without all the hassles of dealing with the emotionally volatile human nature, why bother to land, an act that might necessitate communication? The universe may be a very species-competitive superstructure, one where biological commodities are traded for a vast variety of purposes. Who needs communication when you have technology assisting in “free” procurement of materials?
    On the other hand, I think there are a variety of other visitor objectives, not just one, but that in some cases communication may be necessary to fulfill an objective. I think some visitors may be here to act as spiritual masters who copy our behaviors and motivations to use as a form of language to teach with. In either case, whether they’re trying to communicate with us, or we’re trying to communicate with them it will take a lot of listening. What do we do when we learn a new language? We listen. Visitor languages may not be spoken, they may not involve an exchange of pictures or movements, sight identifiers that we as humans understand communication to be. They may involve frequencies and colors, some things maybe more universally understood, something we now only understand as scientific, not spiritual or social. I think some visitor groups are tuning in to us and listening very carefully to understand who and what we think we are in order to show us that we are firstly spiritual beings, thus leading us away from planetary destruction, an event that would upset the natural energetic balance of the universe. I think we should do them the courtesy of listening and learning in return, because I’m pretty sure they aren’t all here to collect biological materials. Others may be here to understand what it means to be a spiritual being, but in any case, it seems to me that listening and observing are the first steps in communication.

  9. They are here because someone
    They are here because someone has done something to draw them in.

  10. i take a totally different
    i take a totally different view on this matter! they remind me of peos coming to a party, but never show up. dance around on the out side being idots. listening to all others. invite them in they refuse and vise versa. they are so smart…they are stupid, to let this gone on without making themselves known by now. reminds me of the person who torments you…while they stand back, watch, let you get ridiculed by others over doing something that is right, but let you get accused wrongly of the act as they stand back and laugh. by wanting friends like that, you need no enemies!
    ok ufos your better then us. now show yourselves to all peos or just go away. land in on the white house lawn, or somewhere in the open for all to see to make a statement, do your best. of coarse the government can not do us any good, they can only lie about this. i thought all these encounters with peos should have swayed ufos by now to come forth. ufo are just using peos to be hippocrites. they got us fighting amongst ourselves! like our own government.
    should ufo steals me away…ufo better give me some full proof evidence to bring back…(not just a good statement to give to all other with no back up and not some peice of metal in me). ufo best not make me look like a fool! i will not forgive ufo peos. it is high time ufos can communicate with all of us at once? come across our tvs. unforgivable to treat us this way! this is why they will get shot by peos here for tormenting us all these years. ufos act like idiots!

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