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  1. The truth is out there but so
    The truth is out there but so is the lie, the coverup and the “well we didn’t look for explosives so we didn’t find any” version of what happend. We will never know.

  2. why not are own government
    why not are own government doing this to us! look at the past history of lies they have pulled on the peos of this great country and interfering in the other world governments…”a picture is worth a thousand words” that is a so much controled demo! peos can not be this nieve? to think fire would do all this? (sprinkers, dah)
    i am having a hard time any more believing the two towers came down on there own just by the planes crashing into them. i could see if the side fell off pulling the rest over but to pancake as they did is a bit hard for me to swallow. like all else with our secret government is any more. lies, lies, more lies they feed us. it never ends or amazes me any longer what the government is capble of, where is the truth????????
    it really bothers me that they refuse to investigate in details, they will send in the IRS on peos of small worth. but major building collapes, nothing? put it all out there for all the peos to see and investigate who have the where all. but no they continue to wreak havoic on us, tell us not to worry or get involved…i am really worried with this social engineering, the commie ways, non enforcement of the constitution in our government that we have now.
    i put nothing past these bas….., our own government would do this to its own peos to have their way as they do with other countries, to pull off or have a hand in something like this, it not out of the possibilities of their thinking.
    alex jones…i am listening more and more!

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