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  1. Since Whitley has said that
    Since Whitley has said that the things the master told him have been proven later on (unknown back then) I think we are to take the meeting as real (which I tend to do).
    Some of the stories (like Secret school) I, after a while, start to wonder about how real or imaginative they are.
    There is not really any evidence for much of the UFO books and all the other stuff.
    If You go to You will find out the Roswell wasn’t a UFO.

    1. Yes, The Secret School was a
      Yes, The Secret School was a great read and raises the same question as to how much of it comes from Whitley”s imagination and how much from “external/alien sources.” Whitley himself raises this question. The fact that some of what Whitley says in his books may come from his imagination does not mean it’s not “true” but would we all be accepting it as much if it was claimed to come from his imagination as opposed to visitors/aliens? Sometimes I wonder if the visitor experience is merely the way the spiritual dimension penetrates the mind of modern mankind, i.e., in a super technical, advanced alien motif. I recall Whitley referring to the visitors as being half way between thought and thing. All of this seems to leave open the question as to how objective the visitors are and how independent their message is from the mind of Whitley. Again, my comments are not intended to undermine Whitley’s message (which rings true to me) but rather to question it’s real source.

  2. Having never seen an UFO and
    Having never seen an UFO and with an engineering degree and after many years of following the UFO theme (via Youtube/books/this place) I find that it is impossible to rationalize what is the truth. And THAT is very frustrating. Because then it is (like religion) a matter of belief.
    There is no objective way to tell if Whitley are different (I think he is though) from any of the nutcases claiming HAARP was built to reduce the worlds population etc. Youtube is swarming with conspiracy theories, and yes the workings of the world is murky, but can we please get truth backed by evidence O world!
    A simple task like finding out if Aspartame is dangerous is impossible! I kid You not.
    Having recently found out that the Philadelphia experiment, Roswell UFO and Rendlesham UFO never happend, and that Bob Hoskins, Phil Imbrognia, G. Adamski are lying, and with Whitley, Jim Marrs and Stanton Friedman talking about the Roswell UFO one could question them as well. One could dismiss the hole thing as imagination and blurry dots but then the 4 videos of the Jerusalem UFO comes along (january 2011):
    so clearly there is UFO’s.
    For now I just has to content myself with saying that Whitley lives in a different reality than I do, like he talks about in the October 30, 2010 Halloween Special episode of Dreamland (my favorite so far). If Whitley, Anne (and Jim Sparks) live on the same planet as I do then maybe what we see in Our lives varies even though we are looking at the same things. Jim Sparks talks about “screen images”, Whitley talks about some very odd experiences, maybe someone (aliens or ourselves) are messing with perception. With 95% of the univers consisting of “dark matter” and “dark energy” (nobody knows what it is XD), quantum theory and parallel universes anything is more or less possible isn’t it? Frustrating for someone who just want to know (like Whitley himself wants – that’s why I trust him).
    Ultimately I do think people can tell the difference between a dream and something that really happend. So what is going on?

    1. We all need to guard against
      We all need to guard against exchanging one belief system for another. Whitley would be the first to say that we should not simply believe in what he says. Most of us can tell when we are imagining something but there are people who can’t distinguish their imagination from external reality. These people may claim to have experienced things that really was a product of their imagination. Along these lines, one of the most powerful hallucinogens on the plant is DMT which is found in the ceremonial ayahuasca plant and is produced in small amounts by the human brain. It has been speculated that some people who have alien encounters may be people who can produce unusuallly high amounts of DMT. This doesn’t necessarily mean that their experience is a hallucination. Another possibility is that the DMT that is produced by their brain allows them to access another dimension where they encounter other beings. Shamans have been using DMT plants for eons to encounter “spirit beings.” More research needs to be done on the relationship between brain chemistry and alien encounters. If anyone is interested in this topic check out Rick Strassman’s book called DMT: Spirit Molecule.

  3. I’m new here and recognize
    I’m new here and recognize that this is off topic and I wasn’t sure how to post a new topic. I’ve read The Key and listened to Whitley’s commentary about it. As I understand it, during the conversation with the “master” Whitley took a few cryptic notes that were later not readily decipherable. However, somehow Whitley was able to use these notes to create a word for word transcript about what the master of The Key stated. The book portrays the statements of the master as verbatim quotes and they are voluminous. I’m not criticizing, I am asking if anyone knows how Whitley was able to create a book about what the master said without having taken verbatim notes at the time of the discussion? Whitley also seems to vacillate about whether the master could have been a product of his imagination. Has Whitley made any definitive statement about whether the master of the key was or was not a product of his imagination? I should also add that I have been studying and practicing spirituality for over 20 years and find The Key to be an amazing distillation of spirituality.

    I should add that I have been studying and practicing spirituality for over 20 years and find The Key to be an amazing distillation of spirituality.

  4. exactly, Graham Hancock tells
    exactly, Graham Hancock tells in a Youtubevideo that people taking ayahuasca see the same spirits. So maybe there is a spirit world, which would set the pyramids in a new light with their shafts pointing to the stars. Maybe the old civilizations knew how to use the spiritworld and afterlife. “The key” drove the point home that humans have a spirit to me. And it’s a nice thought. So it would be very nice to get “The key” verified somehow, which is what You are after in Your first comment, right?
    Having a spiritworld would explain a lot, like the ancient maps (Piri Reis), the Nasca stone, the pyramids and all the other monuments of the old civilisations and stories of reincarnation, ghosts. I’ve read the Don Juan books by Carlos Castaneda in which he tells a lot about what happens when a modern man enters the shamans world of peyote.
    I hope someone with a little money will build the machine to detect the human spirit so we can move forward, I won’t survive another 20 years with blurry spot UFO videos, wacky Roswell theories, new conspiracy theories from lying lectures (like Imbrognia etc.) and more (I keep getting abducted but I can’t take a single picture) UFO books. It leads absolutely nowhere in my opinion. Someone needs to find out if there is a spiritworld, how we can get there and what we can use it for.

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