If Elenin.org is right, October 28 is going to be a very bad day on Planet Earth because Comet Elenin is going to wreak havoc. If NASA is right, it’s a minor comet and will hardly even be visible, let alone do any damage. Personally, I vote with NASA. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my hat in heaven. (You can choose your own flavor there, I understand.) For Elenin.org’s well done argument FOR the doomsday scenario, click here. For NASA’s authoritative position, click here. (The Elenin.org website claims that NASA has not been sufficiently forthcoming about Elenin. I think that NASA’s news release is, in fact, very complete and clear.)

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  1. I’m with Whtley on this,
    I’m with Whtley on this, although I suspect our hats will be pretty safe in this case:
    -The author doesn’t say why the “speculators” he mentions think this is the Nibiru brown dwarf that is fabled to be in the inner solar system at this point. If Elenin was a brown dwarf four times the size of the Earth, it’d be more than visible with the naked eye after sunset, at four times the size of Venus, or ⅛ the size of the moon.
    -He discusses 45P/Honda–Mrkos–Pajdušáková , of which, as of today (Aug 18), actually came over three times closer to Earth than what Elenin is projected to, and is supposed to be much larger than Elenin. Thus, if Elenin is a comet (of which everthing points toward this), then it’ll definitely be a non-event.
    -The author seems to have a rather pedestrian knowledge of what the 2012 phenomenon is about, and apparently isn’t aware that the calendrical adjustments he’s factoring in have already been exhaustively covered, resulting in both the Dec 2012 date, and the controversy of whether it’s on Dec 21 or 22, depending on who’s calculating it. The 9th Hopi prophecy also doesn’t discuss when the event is supposed to take place, so the blue object could be any comet, or even another extraterrestrial object, like the neutron star fragment in Whitley’s “2012:TWfS”

  2. Richard C. Hoagland is
    Richard C. Hoagland is stating unequivocally that Elenin is a manned spacecraft.
    Just thought I’d add that theory to the party.

  3. One of my favorite books on
    One of my favorite books on this subject is a very engaging fictional story by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven, “Lucifer’s Hammer,” a great study in human behavior during the time before and after a comet strikes the earth.

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